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From: Leslie N. Shill (icehouse@redshift.com)
Date: Tue May 08 2001 - 19:59:26 CEST

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    I am really digging

    1/. Shantel - greatdelay - definitely a goodie from S. hantel with some pretty funky tracks on it!
    2/. Bassic Instincts 03 - Another comp from the Stereo Deluxe folks with some really superb tracks on it, even if I have heard some of them before, its great to have them in a collection!
    3/. Block 16 Morning Sun - great comp from Nuphonic with some stunners on it!
    4/. K&D Dub Sessions - more sublime shit from the masters, yes, I have heard much of it before but I am always happy when I get anything that involves these men!
    5/. Compost One Hundred - Yet another superb release from the Compost folks, 2 discs of really great music that works on the dancefloor or when you are stretched out and chillin'
    6/. Funk D'Void - Dos - pretty much dancefloor oriented but with some clever rhythmic stuff, not in the same class as the above and afore-mentioned but worth a turn or twelve anyway!

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