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    solar energy is very cool. i was watching something on tv and there was a
    comment saying that its ironic that we use so many resources to create
    energy when its beaming down at us all the time. and what about

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    >YAY SOLAR PANELS!!!! My latest obsession... =)
    >and "cover me" by bjork was recorded in a cave
    >somewhere with one microphone and bats flying
    >(by the way, did you know that there's a us govt
    >program called Million Solar Roofs that gives grants
    >and stuff for buying solar panels and some state
    >goverments have grants for buying alternative energy
    >stuff, including cars? if you live in PA, the state
    >will pay 20% of the cost of your new Prius or Insight!
    >30% if you do it before July! Toyota, Honda, GM and
    >Ford are looking at hydrogen and methanol fuel cell
    >cars on the market by 2010!!! yipeee!!!! =D but Bush
    >just cut funding for hydrogen research by
    >--- Marco Polo <> wrote:
    >> Well it wouldn't be the first time, kinda.
    >> Medeski Martin and Wood's Shack-Man album was
    >> recorded at
    >> the Shack in Hawaii using electricity solely
    >> gathered from
    >> solar panels...
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