Re: Will this break 2 step in the US?

From: Dave Haynes (
Date: Thu May 10 2001 - 11:33:30 CEST

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    it seems this 2-step thing has thrown up quite a bit of discussion. I'd just
    like to say that I work in a record shop where nearly half the stuff we sell
    is 2-step. I don't like most of the stuff but it simply cannot be dismissed.
    It is is a genre in its own right now. Also there's a couple of things i'd
    like to add.

    >It is interesting to note that no well known DnB producer has produced
    >tracks for any group with the sort of profile that Nsync has. I am prepared
    >to give it time to develop and to see what emerges out of it but I am going
    >to take some convincing because i find the rhythms not to my taste, there
    >so much more that is a lot more danceable and also listenable.

    What about Johnny L. He's done loads of firin' d'n'b but now he's producing
    in the form of Trusteppers who had hits with Posh Spice, Dane Bowers and
    Brian Harvey.

    >If there is anyone out there who wants to put up a list of their top 10 or
    >even 5 of absolutely MUST listen 2-step, I am open enough to give that a
    >listen, if I can find the stuff! Bring it on, my thing is music and if you
    >and the others on this list whose opinions I respect really find something
    >to LOVE about 2-step, then I owe it to myself to listen some more!

    1. Landslide - Round The Corner remix - (Hospital)
    2. Two Banks Of Four - Hook And A Line (Zed Bias mix) - (Sirkus)
    3. Phuturistix - Deepdown EP (Locked On)
    4. Homegrown - My Kinky Pink Room (Gabor Deutsch mix) - (Mole)
    5. MJ Cole - Sincere (Talkin Loud)
    6. Horsepower Productions - Gorgon Sound - (Tempa)
    7. Minus 8 - Badman & Throbin remixes - (Compost)
    8. Mondo Grosso - MG2SS - (Sony)
    9. Zest Records
    10. Boswick Gates - You Are The Reason (Second Skin/Om)

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