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From: Steve Catanzaro (
Date: Fri May 11 2001 - 00:43:21 CEST

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    Hold it!

    (heh heh, knew I couldn't stay quiet...)

    > WOW......I can relate o that statement 200%.........they are the
    > prostitutes of the multinationals in this world. Total lack of charisma,
    > brains........

    Lack of charisma, perhaps, but then why should they be judged like MC's or
    stand-up comedians? I'll bet JS Bach didn't have much charisma, either.

    As for lack of brains, that's not nice, and probably not true. Lots of
    people want to be President of the US, one is. Maybe he's not as smart as
    you, but not as dumb as Will Ferrell, Jay Leno, and the South Park boys
    would have you believe. (Especially in Cheney's case... no brains? Luke
    Skywalker never said that about Darth Vader).....
    > not to mention contributing to the greenhouse gases which are causing
    > global
    > warming. i don't care if this is off topic because bush and cheney are
    > corrupt oil monkey bitches.

    I see no evidence, yet, that Bush and Cheney have done anything utnoward to
    help the oil business. In case you haven't noticed, we are right on the
    brink of a major energy situation here. They increased subsidies for coal,
    which is a major competitor with the oil business.

    But the crazy policy of not allowing any new drilling for oil, even in an
    airport size field in some super remote area in Alaska the size of North
    Dakota, has led us to a very serious situation. Demand badly outstrips
    supply. And what's going to happen to our leftest Hollywood contingent when
    production on major motion pictures has to be postponed due to energy
    sources? They will DEMAND more energy, while WHINING that nobody's thought
    up a better way, and SCAPEGOATING the nearest Republican for stifling all
    the good scientific discoveries out there. How come nobody did much with
    alternative fuels under Clinton?

    (That's what Bush should really do to save energy... shut down the
    superfluous, electricity-draining movie business. To hell with making the
    federal employees stew in the heat... just joking... ;-) lighten up
    already, leftists!)

    If cutting funding on alternative fuel research is the problem, you leftists
    appear unready to accept any solution that does not come from a civic,
    government source or institution. Why do you believe the free market, which
    produced this really cool thing called the gas-combustion engine, won't come
    up with something better now that the unintended and only recently observed
    ill-effects of the machine are becoming established? (Volcanos toss off alot
    of greenhouse gas just like automobiles. Why isn't one of those evil
    Republicans doing something about them!)

    The hunt for a viable, alternative source continues. I will wager that some
    of the leading researchers in the field take place in petrochemical company
    labs. When it is found, whether by a large conglomerate (i.e., Exxon or the
    U.S. governement) or some guy working in a lighthouse somewhere (ala
    Einstein) there will be plenty of money to go around.

    Consider this, Ford, Edison, Gates (and Fanning?) have probably changed the
    world more (for good or ill) than all but a hand few of (mostly notorious)
    political figures. Distrust governement, especially the Democrats, but even
    the Republicans, too.

    > if the people lead, the leaders will follow:

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