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Date: Fri May 11 2001 - 01:36:07 CEST

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    --- Steve Catanzaro <> wrote:
    > I see no evidence, yet, that Bush and Cheney have done
    > anything utnoward to
    > help the oil business. In case you haven't noticed, we
    > are right on the
    > brink of a major energy situation here. They increased
    > subsidies for coal,
    > which is a major competitor with the oil business.
    > But the crazy policy of not allowing any new drilling for
    > oil, even in an
    > airport size field in some super remote area in Alaska
    > the size of North
    > Dakota, has led us to a very serious situation. Demand
    > badly outstrips
    > supply.

    Aw, Steve, I wish you hadn't written this, because
    ultimately I didn't really want to wade into a political
    debate on a music list, but what the hell. I'll try to
    keep it short.

    As with most leftists, i'm short on facts, and long on gut
    feelings but I'd like to think history will justify me in
    the end. Anyways this supposed energy crisis could easily
    have been averted (let's start by driving less, driving
    smaller vehicles, and re-classify SUV's so that they have
    to meet the same emissions standards - heck, safety
    standards, too - as cars), but nonetheless it's mostly
    bogus anyways. There was an article in salon yesterday
    about it (an admitedly mostly left-leaning publication)

    Anyways, I live in Canada's most prosperous and least taxed
    province, due in no small part to oil revenues, so part of
    me is happy to quench the states' thirst for oil. But
    knowing several farmers who have wells on their acreages
    (against their will, I might add), I know that even *one*
    well can cause a huge amount of environmental destruction,
    not to mention health problems. Should we really be
    opening up the last wilderness refuge in north america to
    drilling when ultimately, most of the estimates predict all
    the reserves in this area would only amount to about a 6
    month oil supply for the US at current consumption rates?
    I have a better idea, given that conservation seems too
    radical. Accept the fact that in a 'global economy' other
    countries may be able to produce goods (be they potatoes,
    lumber, clothes, cars, electronics, or oil) better and more
    cheaply than the US, and you may have to rely on them to
    procure you with these goods (I mean "you" not in the
    personal sense, but in a broad 'north america' sense). Oil
    drawn from reserves in arab countries is far cleaner and
    easier to extract than most of the oil in north america.
    Hey, why don't we lift the inhumane sanctions towards Iraq,
    and start buying their oil again. It's cheaper, probably
    in the short term, and definately cheaper if you take the
    long view.

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