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Date: Sat May 12 2001 - 10:32:58 CEST

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    oh man, i think you're totally on with the quincy jones reference... just
    read up on degiorgio, that man knows his rhodes from his moogs - but really,
    yeah, it's all in the nuance.

    as for atjazz, i *think* it's a he, although that seems counterintuitive.

    and just wait for the full-length - damn, it's good. but as for singles,
    "touch the sun" can't even be touched. amazing.

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    >I was doing a bit of surfing to try and find more info on Atjazz - as
    >been really digging his Rae & Christian remix as well as that Kimbu
    >track which was on a Compost compilation.

    Right on. I was turned on to Atjazz recently. Dope stuff ("Touch The
    It increases my interest in this 'Brokenbeat' thing.
    Is Atjazz a he or a they? I thought Atjazz was a couple of producers.

    Is it just me or do I sense a Quincy Jones (circa late 70s-early 80s)
    influence with the brokenbeat sound? Not really with the beats, but the
    funky analog synth bass, the ethereal strings/synth pads and the Rhodes

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