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Date: Sat May 12 2001 - 11:09:30 CEST

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    I'm feeling At Jazz too. I think At jazz are two producers as Elson said.
    All the remixes of Touch the Sun are good and the original is even better.
    I never heard their first album from a few years ago, but i've heard several
    remixes they did and they maintain the quality.

    There's a video mix by At jazz at I listened to a few days
    ago. You'd have to find it yourself cuz i dont remember a date.... but say
    the last few weeks. From hearing the mix, the At Jazz future looks even
    brighter than it is!

    And I'm still not quite sure what "broken beat" is. In my head I equate it
    with Kaidi Tatham's "Tell Me What Yo Feeling" or some other IG Culture
    stuff. and if that's the case I don't hear all that much broken beat at
    all. I kinda think people are calling all the "nu jazz" type stuff broken
    beat, or all the "west london" stuff broken beat. i dont know though.

    But in the sound being tagged broken beat there is definitely an element of
    70's jazz, funk and soul. And if you pay attention there are samples from
    this era. And no doubt quincy jones is part of that influence. I have one
    quincy jones album with "walking in space" and "dead end" and that album
    alone would easily influence me in making music.

    QUESTION: Have any artists in the past done broken beat? Funk or jazz
    artists in the 70's? It seems like there are in some old songs, but any
    good stuff broken to almost silence?

    Just my opinion, but some of the keyboard players (kaidi, mark dcl, ect)...
    these guys are serious! I was called a piano genius at 7 years old whupping
    ass on people who'd been playing for years and played in a jazz band for a
    couple years and i know my shit when i hear it. These guys are tough!

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    >At 11:39 PM 5/11/01 +0100, Dave Haynes wrote:
    >>I was doing a bit of surfing to try and find more info on Atjazz - as I've
    >>been really digging his Rae & Christian remix as well as that Kimbu Kimra
    >>track which was on a Compost compilation.
    >Right on. I was turned on to Atjazz recently. Dope stuff ("Touch The Sun").
    >It increases my interest in this 'Brokenbeat' thing.
    >Is Atjazz a he or a they? I thought Atjazz was a couple of producers.
    >Is it just me or do I sense a Quincy Jones (circa late 70s-early 80s)
    >influence with the brokenbeat sound? Not really with the beats, but the
    >funky analog synth bass, the ethereal strings/synth pads and the Rhodes
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