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From: Dave Haynes (gvcontact@hotmail.com)
Date: Sat May 12 2001 - 12:08:17 CEST

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    ok, this might seem a little uncultured but I've never really heard any
    Quincy Jones stuff.

    Obviously - Summer In The City rocks, but has anyone got any album
    recommendations of stuff I might like?

    Thanks in advance...

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    > I'm feeling At Jazz too. I think At jazz are two producers as Elson said.
    > All the remixes of Touch the Sun are good and the original is even better.
    > I never heard their first album from a few years ago, but i've heard
    > remixes they did and they maintain the quality.
    > There's a video mix by At jazz at groovetech.com I listened to a few days
    > ago. You'd have to find it yourself cuz i dont remember a date.... but
    > the last few weeks. From hearing the mix, the At Jazz future looks even
    > brighter than it is!
    > And I'm still not quite sure what "broken beat" is. In my head I equate
    > with Kaidi Tatham's "Tell Me What Yo Feeling" or some other IG Culture
    > stuff. and if that's the case I don't hear all that much broken beat at
    > all. I kinda think people are calling all the "nu jazz" type stuff broken
    > beat, or all the "west london" stuff broken beat. i dont know though.
    > But in the sound being tagged broken beat there is definitely an element
    > 70's jazz, funk and soul. And if you pay attention there are samples from
    > this era. And no doubt quincy jones is part of that influence. I have
    > quincy jones album with "walking in space" and "dead end" and that album
    > alone would easily influence me in making music.
    > QUESTION: Have any artists in the past done broken beat? Funk or jazz
    > artists in the 70's? It seems like there are in some old songs, but any
    > good stuff broken to almost silence?
    > Just my opinion, but some of the keyboard players (kaidi, mark dcl,
    > these guys are serious! I was called a piano genius at 7 years old
    > ass on people who'd been playing for years and played in a jazz band for a
    > couple years and i know my shit when i hear it. These guys are tough!
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    > >At 11:39 PM 5/11/01 +0100, Dave Haynes wrote:
    > >>I was doing a bit of surfing to try and find more info on Atjazz - as
    > >>been really digging his Rae & Christian remix as well as that Kimbu
    > >>track which was on a Compost compilation.
    > >>
    > >
    > >Right on. I was turned on to Atjazz recently. Dope stuff ("Touch The
    > >It increases my interest in this 'Brokenbeat' thing.
    > >Is Atjazz a he or a they? I thought Atjazz was a couple of producers.
    > >
    > >Is it just me or do I sense a Quincy Jones (circa late 70s-early 80s)
    > >influence with the brokenbeat sound? Not really with the beats, but the
    > >funky analog synth bass, the ethereal strings/synth pads and the Rhodes
    > >piano...
    > >
    > >
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