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Date: Sat May 12 2001 - 19:37:34 CEST

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    "I Heard That!" - what a track. And check that squelchy analog synth -
    it could almost be Kaidi T.

    I'm not sure I buy this broken-beat = nu-skool quincy thing though. I
    think people like Kaidi Tatham are clearly influenced by some of those
    sounds, but the Q wasn't the only practictioner of that stuff by a long
    way. IG Culture is definitely a big fan of George Duke's 70's work -
    he's done two covers already ("That's What She Said" and "Cravo E
    Canela" - which is a Milton Nascimento tune, but one of the classic
    versions is on Duke's "Brazilian Love Affair".)

    Regarding the whole "what is broken beat" argument - whether it's
    nu-jazz, west london, east croydon, whatever - do we really care that
    much? I like Temi Castro's "shiki" tag, anyway.


    On Saturday, May 12, 2001, at 03:02 AM, Jason Witherspoon wrote:

    > At 2:09 AM -0700 5/12/01, Beau J. Young wrote:
    >> But in the sound being tagged broken beat there is definitely an
    >> element of
    >> 70's jazz, funk and soul. And if you pay attention there are samples
    >> from
    >> this era. And no doubt quincy jones is part of that influence. I
    >> have one
    >> quincy jones album with "walking in space" and "dead end" and that
    >> album
    >> alone would easily influence me in making music.
    > "Killer Joe" from the _Walking in Space_ album blows me away every
    > time....
    > _Gula Matari_ is probably my favorite Q. record, though-- don't know
    > how it fits in w/broken beat, but:
    >> QUESTION: Have any artists in the past done broken beat? Funk or jazz
    >> artists in the 70's? It seems like there are in some old songs, but
    >> any
    >> good stuff broken to almost silence?
    > Shuggie Otis: "XL-30" (and "Happy House", even)--
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