Re: Atjazz/Mantis Recordings

From: Dave Haynes (
Date: Sun May 13 2001 - 00:09:49 CEST

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    > Regarding the whole "what is broken beat" argument - whether it's
    > nu-jazz, west london, east croydon, whatever - do we really care that
    > much? I like Temi Castro's "shiki" tag, anyway

    agreed. I think lists like this get far too heated when it comes to giving
    things names and genres.
    I know it sounds cheesy but let's just talk about the sound. If someone
    refers to broken beat/West London etc. i guess its just to give an idea of
    the tune they're describing.

    PS. what QJ album shall I buy first - or is anyone aware of where I can buy
    any QJ MP3's

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