RE: DeGiorgio Question

From: Mark Turner (
Date: Sun May 13 2001 - 02:54:47 CEST

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    > Can somebody please hip me to the titles / labels for some essential Kirk
    > DeGiorgio? Every time I type his name or As One into Napster, I get zilch
    > back. I'd really like to hear some of this...

    You can check out his full discography at:

    The PLANETARY FOLKLORE album on Mo' Wax is probably his jazziest offering,
    with things getting progressively more "techno" as you move backwards. Both
    mix CDs (CHECKONE and SYNTHESIS) are highly recommended. The next AS ONE
    album is forthcoming on Ubiquity and should be widely available. You may
    just want to wait for that, as most of his earlier output is probably very
    difficult to find at this point.

    Mark Turner

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