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Date: Tue May 15 2001 - 06:56:16 CEST

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    > So... Has anyone had any _personal_ experience with this
    > 'cure' for warped records. I've heard of people placing
    > lp's between glass and in the sun, or in their oven, but
    > it's always second or third hand info. Can anyone speak to
    > the validity of this? Anyone else got any remedies for
    > warped records? A few of my records, including my spacek
    > 12" (Argh!!), came to me with some nasty wobbles in 'em,
    > and it'd be nice to have a solid, foolproof way to, as Pete
    > Rock would say, straighten 'em out.

    I have tried both the glass and oven techniques before until I realised that
    the only way to deal is to try to find a new one and replace it quick!

    The oven one doesn't work because either you melt the grooves off your
    record on one side or your record does nothing but stay warped. I only once
    thought I got it to work but the record centre filled in a bit and I
    couldn't get the record onto the platter because of the spindle. I then
    proceeded to grind the rest of the vinyl bits out with a .275 Phillip
    screwdriver end and then all the grinding made the record so loose that it
    was impossible to play without the record skipping or having that 'weaving'
    effect (y'know off centre presses).

    The glass one though is odd because it makes one side totally unplayable
    (you hear surface noise that you didn't hear before)... It's hard to figure
    out when is a good time to take the record in and out from the sun, I had to
    leave mine in the sun a good thirty minutes just to get a tiny warp out (it
    was still there after bringing it in and out every ten minutes).

    I've always thought of this but never tried it. Take your record out of the
    outer cardboard sleeve and put it underneath a lot of crap records (50 or
    so) that you don't care about and that eventually should take the warp out
    due to the pressure and slight warm room temperature. But I guess it all
    depends on the density of the record and size of warp, right?

    I feel your pain, those pressing warps can be very friggin' annoying. I
    think I hate those off-centre presses more than anything! I hate hearing
    that 'weaving in & out' sound especially with higher frequency tones like
    violins or singing. The other thing I hate is tracks that are expanded on
    one side of vinyl until the end. Bad sound quality at the end, you need to
    keep the track as close as possible to the start for high quality sound! I
    know some people are probably thinking, 'what a loser, it doesn't matter
    that much', but in the end you will hear the difference. If it is under 8
    minutes, don't expand it over one slab of vinyl on 33RPM! Argh, put it on
    45 RPM and keep it near the outer ring of the vinyl without groove
    compression for optimal sound. Anybody with the "Taking Over Me" 10" by
    Marcus Intalex & St. Files will know what I am talking about, they even
    re-released it on a sole 12" just to keep the sound quality to a high

    What a turd I am, I could go on and on...


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