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From: Jason Jasberto Batog (
Date: Tue May 15 2001 - 07:06:15 CEST

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    > Hello folks. Can anyone give me info on Cosmic Village? I heard some of
    > their stuff that was pretty much cheese, however i was really feeling the
    > Sleepwalker 12" on Especial with Hajime Yoshizawa, and he's part of this
    > group. Just trying to figure out if i should drop the cash on this import
    > (Starseed 12"). I'm heavy into Kyoto Jazz Massive and they have a remix on
    > it. Any help would be much appreciated!

    Cosmic Village is quite cheesy. I heard that it was cheesy from another
    person but I ended up getting it anyways because I have "Starseed" and "Can
    You See The Light?" (got it for free). The album is really rough, it's sort
    of like a pop-inspired Matrix soundtrack or something. It has some nice
    strings on some songs and interesting keyboard parts but the album
    definitely caters to the commercial sound of Japan. I ended up trading it
    to my friend who is a J-pop fanatic.

    "Starseed" is quite nice but only for the original. The KJM remix is quite
    weird sounding, it's not their best work. It's sort of this faster 130bpm
    roller with 2-step beats and a keyboard which seems out of place in the
    song. The original is quite cool though. Going from a 150bpm spacey piano
    roller to a half beat piano led groove back into a 150 roller. It's nice!
    This song is all Hajime Yoshizawa, nobody else was involved! Any trivia
    headz out there, who is Hajime's uncle? He's a popular latin-inspired


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