James Hardway (was) Nu-Jazz/Brazilian Suggestions

From: Aregood, Michael (maregood@comcastpc.com)
Date: Fri May 18 2001 - 18:56:49 CEST

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    No as far as i can remember he's always been on the jazz tip. Check the
    "Deeper, Wider, Smoother" LP from 96'(?). All in a drum and bass vein. I
    usually buy everything i see from him but i haven't stumbled upon Moors and
    Christians. Damn, this has been out for a bit hasn't it? If you happen to
    have seen it online somewhere (vinyl) give a heads up... thanks.


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    Likewise. We've played "Bossacucanova" on my radio show last month. I
    also listened to the full-length at home, and it burns quite nicely.

    Regarding James Hardway--I'm unfamiliar with his previous works up to
    now. If his sounds were very techno-like before, I don't really detect
    much of that on his new album "Moors and Christians." There's some great
    musicians from London and Cuba that permeates the tracks, and the album
    just resonantes such sounds quite well. It's worth investigating.

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