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Date: Sun May 20 2001 - 23:17:54 CEST

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    BTW you can download all of James Hardway's albums on
    I think at the moment you can get a free one month subscription. It's free
    and emusic pays royalties to the artists (no guilty Napster-feelings)

    Make sure you cancel if you don't want to start paying for another month
    though $14.99. I forgot- (and now they've stung me for 3 months!!)

    Mind you its been worth it. Today I've downloaded the whole of DJ Vadim -
    Headz Ain't Ready and the Two Banks Of Four album.

    They also have a lot of Nuphonic, Glasgow Underground, Ubiquity, some V
    Records, Groove Armada's first LP. I have to say I reckon I've had $14.99
    worth (if if i didn't get a shiny plastic case, artwork and inlay!!!).

    Also while I'm on my pay-for-download crusade :) - I have to mention
    Some excellent stuff and good info content too - only 99p a track. (though a
    lot of it you can now get on emusic - I think they've got some sort of
    affiliation... )

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    > No as far as i can remember he's always been on the jazz tip. Check the
    > "Deeper, Wider, Smoother" LP from 96'(?). All in a drum and bass vein. I
    > usually buy everything i see from him but i haven't stumbled upon Moors
    > Christians. Damn, this has been out for a bit hasn't it? If you happen to
    > have seen it online somewhere (vinyl) give a heads up... thanks.
    > aRgo
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    > Likewise. We've played "Bossacucanova" on my radio show last month. I
    > also listened to the full-length at home, and it burns quite nicely.
    > Regarding James Hardway--I'm unfamiliar with his previous works up to
    > now. If his sounds were very techno-like before, I don't really detect
    > much of that on his new album "Moors and Christians." There's some great
    > musicians from London and Cuba that permeates the tracks, and the album
    > just resonantes such sounds quite well. It's worth investigating.

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