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Date: Mon May 21 2001 - 00:15:43 CEST

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    Music For Space Tourism is a classic, but Endless Bummer is pretty damn good
    as well (I'm talking about the orig, not the remix album). You can get
    everything Visit Venus from us, we always stock all their releases (some of
    which are now out of print--and the band unfortunately has disbanded) :{

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    At 9:20 PM -0600 5/19/01, Mark B. Conklin wrote:
    >Anyone have an opinion on the Visit Venus CD, "Endless Bummer"? I have the
    >"Endless Bummer Remixes" which is so-so and makes me a little hesitant on
    >picking up the regular version (which I have never actually seen to buy
    >anyway). What keeps me interested in picking up "Endless Bummer" is that
    >their "Music for Space Tourism" and "Magic Fly EP" releases are outstanding
    >and still hold up well after all of these years. Great spacey mellow jazzy

    Well, I'd say you've got their best stuff, but _Endless Bummer_ isn't
    a big step down from _MfST_. _EB_ is a little darker, iirc.

    Never judge a tune by its remix! I almost always enjoy the original
    better than the remix. Well, there's the Coldcut remix of Eric B &
    Rakim-- that's pretty good!


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