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Date: Sat May 19 2001 - 17:46:23 CEST

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    i spin all kinds of stuff, house, garage, nujazz/brokenbeats/whatever,
    jazzfunk and acidjaz....when a record cannot be mixed properly and/or has an
    important intro or outro, i just crossfade the track in, or sometimes do a
    hard cut (i.e. start the second track after the 4th of the first one, making
    some kind of life edit)


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    > Hey, I just joined, so I don't know about these cycles yet, but I was
    > intrigued by how you say you got some good ideas for mixing, I wonder if
    > could point me to the relevant thread(s) and/or re-cap some of what you
    > learned here. My DJ friends all play house music, on vinyl, and they
    > match beats, and these records always have extended loops at the beggining
    > and end to facilitate this. On the other hand I spin acid-jazz CD's, at a
    > variety of tempos, and most of the tracks have a proper beginning, and
    > even have a proper ending too. So I was wondering how anyone else in the
    > same situation goes about the mixing of tracks....
    > Eric Kittell
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    > >the list is quieter but it tends to go through cycles, like anything I
    > >suppose. I hope it doesn't fade because ithas been a huge plus for me. I
    > >have found more worthwhile music here, more ideas about music and mixing
    > >and more interesting people that any other list I spend any time on!
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