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    The Miami Beach World Music Festival




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    May 7, 2001 Elizabeth Sanchez-Vegas

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    Chick Corea follows his 11th Grammy Award with an exciting New Trio in "The Miami Beach World Music Festival Opening Gala Concert".


    Chick Corea, Avishai Cohen and Jeff Ballard's first offering of music as a trio.


    Miami, Fl.- Chick Corea New Trio will thrill new listeners and long time fans at the Gala Concert for the opening of "The Miami Beach World Music Festival".


    Corea will be accompanied by long time rhythm mates bassist Avishai Cohen and drummer Jeff Ballard providing us with a canvas on which the essence of the jazz trio is drawn. "Each of us brings what he sees and feels to each composition. In that sense, the renditions are a real group creation".


    For his new Stretch Records release "Past, Present & Futures", the innovative pianist has formed The Chick Corea New Trio. It is his first trio recording in 10 years. "The piano, bass and drums trio is the heart and soul of the jazz sound", Corea offers.

    While most of the compositions were composed for the New Trio, the album brings together emotions and inspirations from Corea's past while looking beyond them into the music's future. This transformational journey is at the essence of this album, music of the moment, created and experienced in the present. "All things," says Corea, "including the past and the future exist in the present." Corea has penned tributes to his childhood in Chelsea, Massachusetts ("The Chelsea Shuffle") and his late beloved mother Anna ("Dignity" and "Anna's Tango"). His "Fingerprints" is a "tip of the hat" to Wayne Shorter's classic "Footprints" and the trio's inventive take on Fats Waller's "Jitterbug Waltz" is a gem.

    The Miami Beach World Music Festival will present The Chick Corea New Trio on Friday June 1st, 2001 at The Jackie Gleason at 8:00 p.m. Ticket prices are $70, $65, $55, and $35.




    ".jazz at its optimal level, performed with virtuosi brilliance, combined with unfettered improvisation and synergistic musical experience to be savored and remembered." - Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times

    "(Corea's) improvisations are as inventive as ever, and Cohen and Ballard lock together famously...Serious interactivity is at work here." - Phillip Booth, Jazziz

    "They make a powerful unit, each getting equal time in the music, each going for broke in the pursuit of melody and rhythm." - Ben Ratliff, New York Times

    "If only more jazz were this much fun--and this good." - Gene Santoro, NY Daily News

    Tickets for The Chick Corea New Trio are on sale at Ticketmaster at

    (305) 358-5885 or


    For more information please visit




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