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From: Derek McNeill (
Date: Thu May 31 2001 - 20:41:52 CEST

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    I told Pieter that a couple of you were discussing his stuff on the list, so he put together a bit of info on his current events for you...

    "I've been in NY/NJ for the better part of the last six weeks or so...well, half pleasure and half work. I did a lot of recording with a singer and a couple other instrumentalists out there...none of those tracks are done as I'm mixing them down here. I'm starting work this weekend on scoring a semi-documentary film. It's not anything super high budget but they have secured national distribution...I'm really excited about it. It offers a good chance to fuse a bunch of different styles. I'm still finishing the album for Breakbeat Science...I'm expecting it to be done in a month or so, but I wouldn't expect it to actually be released til probably February next year although it depends on a couple things. It's shaping up nicely and I'm quite pleased with it. I'd say roughly half of it is drum and bass, the rest...well, not drum and bass! :) Tempo-wise it's all over the place from some really trippy, dubbed-out kind of stuff to some kind of weird, nervous sounding breaky stuff...I don't know; I can't de
    scribe it really. It's all very, very breakbeat oriented though, in some way or another...all my drums that I recorded as well, plus some live bass and guitar. If you go to you'll find a few mp3 clips of stuff that's going on the album and stuff that isn't but will still hopefully be released. That site is also eventually going to be the site for my label. I'm hoping the first single will be out mid-late
    summer, but we'll see.

    Hopefully those clips might demonstrate to people that the stuff I'm doing now really is hopefully a little more interesting than what I have out; I agree with whoever wrote that about my earlier releases: disappointing to
    say the least. Well, a lot of it is sheer crap in my opinion, with a couple exceptions. The new Renegade thing I like though, at least the b-side.

    As for tonight, I'll almost certainly play some drum and bass, but I'm not treating this like a drum and bass night. I wish I had more chances like this to play...I love nights like this where the whole politics of the dancefloor doesn't apply. I'm bringing a bunch of stuff with me; CDs of new stuff...some somewhat more mainstream and definitely not so mainstream jazz, ambient records; old Warpish stuff...Global Comm, I dunno...whatever else strikes my fancy this afternoon when I go through my records."

    -Derek McNeill
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