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Date: Fri Aug 02 2002 - 22:10:02 CEST

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    to answer your one riddim question.
    The current style right now is for many entertainers to voice one riddim.
    the songs hit the airwaves mixed back to back...
    sometimes all songs in a row of the same beat different artist.
    For the entertainer, it's like rolling the dice in hopes that his or her
    version will be a hit.
    which leads to a album deal, distribution, crossover, etc...

    entertainers in JA are hit up by producer's to voice a riddim they[the
    producer] have created.
    many entertainers do not write his or her own song and riddim.
    they just show up when asked and are told to sing pre written lyrics.
    Ward 21, Red Rat, and TOK are some of the few artists that do it.
    I know there are others but can't remember right now off the dome.
    this is the reason dub plates are extremely popular.
    all you need to do is pay someone a couple hundred or a few grand and they
    show up and literally freestyle over a track unless you give them something
    specific to sing about.
    and audiences like to hear new lyrics over familiar riddims all the time.

    So the songs are pressed on 7" and distributed to all the selectors.
    because a lot of Club DJ's in the states don't use 7" (i happen to like
    a company called VPrecords out of NYC
     licenses many of the popular tracks and puts them onto 12" either as
    or on compilations (gold, STB) or one riddim comps.
    greensleeves also is doing well as smaller labels.
    VPrecords has attempted to corner the market though.

    that's how it all goes down.

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