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From: Velanche Stewart (vstewart@calpoly.edu)
Date: Sat Aug 03 2002 - 03:55:30 CEST

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    Urban Landscapes hits the airwaves tonight and every Friday evening
    from 8-11pm PST on KCPR 91.3 FM.

    Don't forget that if you miss the live show, you can hear it anytime via
    the Urban Landscapes site at http://www.urbanlandscapesshow.com. The
    last five shows will always be posted for your listening pleasure
    anytime, anyday. Be sure to tell your friends about the show.


    It's never good to get a circular out only about an hour before
    showtime, and yet that's exactly what you're getting here. If you spot
    typos and grammatical errors, you'll understand why. It's not easy being
    the only person doing this, but as long as you get something out of
    it...that's the thing, yes indeed!

    Anyhow, it's good to be back this week after taking last week off. I had
    a great time at the 20th anniversary reunion for my high school class of
    1982. It should be something that everyone does at least once, me

    Thanks very much to Jennifer for holding down the fort during my
    absence. She's enjoyed herself immensely, and her playlist shows (coming
    up later). She's eager to do another round, so for you locals out there
    you'll get your chance in the future. If I can teach her how to run the
    proper controls, she just may get archived for the world to hear!

    The month of August for Urban Landscapes is all music. With the
    exception of the dB profile, it will be all about the music for the rest
    of August. I'm working on more interviews for the fall, but mainly we
    are working on an upgrade to some rather testy equipment that's been
    causing some production problems. I will let you know soon about the
    profiles/interviews forthcoming on the show.

    There's quite a bit of ground to cover this week, so don't feel the need
    to digest this all in one sitting. You might wish to print this out, and
    take it with you. There's something for everyone, for sure.

    KCPR has discontinued its live stream. We are hoping that this is
    temporary for us, as we are a university-based station. Many other
    university- and other non-profit stations are hoping that the tide will
    turn in order for those entities to return to the netwaves. There's
    legislative work behind-the-scenes, so the possibility still exists.

    As I've indicated some time ago, the shows will still be recorded and
    archived for listening on the Urban Landscapes site. While those of you
    on the Internet will not be able to listen to the live broadcasts, you
    can listen to that week's show sometime after the live
    broadcast--usually starting before Monday of the following week. Each
    show will remain online for about five weeks, giving people plenty of
    time to explore, indulge, and be inspired.

    Please visit http://urbanlandscapesshow.com to listen to the five most
    recent broadcasts. Visit the Playlists section for more details, and
    feel free to email me if you have questions.

    Tonight during the second hour of Urban Landscapes, hear a conversation
    profile of the acclaimed UK-based production duo Zero dB and their
    record label Fluid Ounce. This profile will coincide with the release
    date for "Fluid Ounce Unmeasured," which is a compilation of all of the
    12" vinyl releases from the label. It will be be on the streets
    worldwide courtesy of Ubiquity Records this coming Tuesday August

    Remember that you can check out the most recent reviews on the Urban
    Landscapes web site. Read them at

    And now....

    THIS WEEK'S REVIEWS (a bit short this week due to time...lots more next

    Toy Division--Budapest Resonance (Juice)
    Apparently, this tune has been floating around in select tastemaker's
    crates since last year. Now the single goes official, with a couple of
    remixes in addition to the original. I'm very down with the original
    though with its loungy, bouncy, swingy jazz feel inna Latin/ethnic
    style. A great summer soundtrack for this new millennium from Hungary.

    Avalanches--Since I Left You Remixes 12" (Modular/Elektra)
    The title track from the Australian collective off their sampadelic
    long-player from last year is now put out as a 12" single with three
    remixes, in addition to the original.

    Prince Paul gives the tune a Jeep beat hip-hop feel, adding vocals from
    Kelli Sae and some MC biz from Breeze of the Juggaknots. Then Stereolab
    adds of slice of kitsch to the mix inna lounge style. There's a break in
    between that seems to have been pulled out of the go-go music of the 60s
    for good measure. My favorite remix, though, is from Cornelius. His mix
    starts off ambient, then expands into an electro-funk style that still
    maintains its downtempo feel.

    This 12" is out now.

    Diablo Dub--Tomorrow's Radio EP 12" (Dis-Joint)
    This is the second 12" release from the fledging San Francisco-based
    Dis-Joint Records, founded by former Ubiquity Records side man Vinne
    Esperanza. The EP has six tracks to keep you occupied, being very high
    on the sampling scale of things. From the first track "Lessons In
    Style," you know you're in for a journey.

    DJ's Scottmatic and Diabolic seems to have the ear to find the right
    samples to blend into the hip-hop sensibilities of the EP--most
    listeners will be able to pick out at least one sample that they

    Check this one out...and judge for yourself.

    King Of Woolworths--Dew Point EP 10" (Mantra)
    Not new, but new to us. Beggar's Banquet sent this tasty double 10" to
    go alongside the domestic release of King Of Woolworth's "Ming Star"
    album. The EP itself is very much in the blissful downtempo vein, and it
    goes up against some of the best downtempo works this year so far. "Tone
    Poem," a tune awash with sampling from a instructional audio, is a
    favorite of mine. But all of the songs here are worth your while to
    explore. The packaging is icing on the cake. Seek out, and play out.

    Dabyre--Instrmntl (Eastern Development)
    Yes, he of the "One/Three" album on Detroit's Ghostly International
    label from last year (one of my 30 Most Recommended of 2001) has yet
    another album out, this time on Scott Herron's (aka Prefuse 73) Eastern
    Development label out of Atlanta. More hip-hop sensibilities on this
    one, though a bit less experimental than "One/Three."

    Various Artists--Co-Operation Sessions 2
    The Man from Bootsville slips this CD in my CARE package. I haven't the
    chance to listen to the first volume, but this new collection is very
    fresh! This is inspired by the monthly UK event known as Co-Op Night. A
    who's who of West London operatives are here....Neon Phusion, Da One
    Away, Big Bang, Numbers, Opaque, Daz-I-Kue, and others contribute
    exclusive to this compilation. It's available both on one CD or on vinyl
    (though the latter leaves off a few tunes). Essential for all West
    London fans and broken beat lovers!

    Stereotyp--My Sound (G-Stone)
    Yeah, yeah! Stefan Moerth is the man known as Stereotyp (stereo-tip),
    and he's on the case with this excellent album from K&D's G-Stone. The
    full-length treads on the fine line between dub and broken beat styles,
    and the interesting contrasts in sounds alone are worth the listen. If
    you enjoyed his remixes (including those for Fauna Flash and Microfish),
    then you'll dig this adventurous work. If you're a dub/reggae fan, you
    should challenge yourself to investigate "My Sound." But really, all
    forward-thinking music lovers should indulge at least once. Thanks again
    to Dr. Boots for sending me this treasure.

    King Britt Presents Scuba--Hidden Treasures (Om)
    When I think of "deep house," King Britt is surely the man on the pulse.
    For this, his first Scuba album for San Francisco-based Om Records (part
    of a three-record deal), the Philly artist/DJ/producer has taken his
    favorite Scuba mixes. The results makes for very enjoyable listening
    from beginning to end. Many of you will be glad that his brilliant remix
    of Soul Dharma's "Flower" appears here (this one I get calls on every
    time I've played it), but there are many that I'm listening to for the
    first time. Even those Scuba fanatics will find some new gems, such as
    "If I Lost You," a broken/house gem that King Britt played during the
    2001 Winter Music Conference that never saw the light of day until now.
    The remix of I:Cube's "Adore" goes for a much different sound, adding
    Alma Horton's soulful voice to the mix. But you really, really, REALLY
    should do yourself a favor and pick this up. It is great listening from
    the first track to the last, and it will leave you feeling all the
    better that King Britt has been put on this earth. I'm very much looking
    forward to his long-player of originals, which is tentatively slated for
    release in Fall 2002. Philly deserves respect, and King Britt deserves
    that much more.

    Various Artists--Companionship: The Sounds Of Scandinavia (April test)
    I tip my hat to Mr. Nik Weston for this truly awesome gem of a
    collection. The nu-jazz scene is Scandinavia is almost like the old jazz
    of the 60s, but it's just as alive and fresh. The extremely talented
    Andreas Saag starts the ball rolling with the terrific track "April In
    Vain" under his best known guise of Swell Session. My favorite track on
    this compilation (and that's not saying much...they are all very good)
    is "Hear My" by Ernesto's. You might have heard him collaborating with
    Saag under his other guise of Stateless on "Falling Into," and Saag also
    lends his talent on this awesome track.

    The compilation is just so delicious. I've easily digested the tracks
    from beginning to end, my appetite still left unsatisfied--I wanted
    more! It's due out on Danish label April in Europe in August. Enjoy!

    Larissa Papp--You 12" (Neglige)
    This is a fresh 12" that definitely has a groovy Detroit house feel to
    it. Larissa is the vocalist; her husband, Oliver, the producer/arranger.
    Several mixes are here, including one from Fabrice Lig (aka Soul
    Designer). But I'm a sucka for the original version myself. Groovy!

    Bassman--Doorpusher 12" (Fabrique)
    Who turned out of the lights? Out of nowwhere, I was blindsided by four
    delicious tracks from a 12" by one <>. This is very tight! I was
    arrested from the first track and still was smiling by the last track on
    the flip. This is definitely a groover and a half. It's out now, so pick
    it up and be happy! Can someone turn the lights back on for me?

    Binder & Kriegistein--Desayuno 12" (Zeiger test)
    I can't say that I know much about this duo, but the original version of
    this tasty 12" sounds like an acoustic version of the Moog Cookbook.
    Very whimsical on the surface, and yet with a nice loungy feel to make
    your ears tingle. There's both an extended version and the original of
    "Desayuno" on one side.

    On the flip, there's a Mikas Galaxy 500 mix with some house-laced remix
    action rubbing the original in all of the right spots. Not out just yet,
    but pick this one up when it does. The original is still my fave here.

    Inverse Cinematics--Slow Swing EP 12" (Pulver)
    Yes...this is all good! Some new work from German duo Danilo Plessow and
    Joachim Tobias who, I believe, are 18 years old. Such maturity in music
    for such a young age, because it seems that the jazz sensibilities come
    through rather nicely with this new EP from Germany's Pulver Records.

    The tune "Someone's Soul" that's a very nice midtempo groover with nice
    percussive rolls throughout. Then look out--the tune gets a tough re-rub
    from Dublex Inc. that is absolutely delicious! But take on all of the
    tracks, because they are all of exceptionally good quality.

    Expect more from Inverse Cinematics, and expect more quality sounds from

    Jazzanova--Soon Remixes (JCR/Compost)
    Not to be outdone by the "In Between" full-length are remixes of the
    tune "Soon" that features the vocal work of Mr. Duplaix from Philly. The
    "Soon" 12" singles are released as two separate slabs of vinyl. Between
    them, you'll find remixes from the Mr. Stanton, giving his Domu Vocal
    Mix and also a dub mix, Touch Of Class, and more...as well as some
    instrumentals. Of course, the glossy cover artwork stands out rather
    nicely for a standout track.

    Various Artists--Mundial Muzique 2 (Guidance)
    New compilation from our amigos at Guidance Recordings in Chicago, and
    an awesome compilation per usual from the Chicago-based label. This time
    the emphasis is on rhythms with an African perspective. And it's an
    awesome listening from start-to-finish. There are previously released
    tracks from the likes of Tony Allen vs. Tweak (from "The Allenko
    Brotherhood Ensemble project), Nuspirit Helsinki, and Femi Kuti getting
    mixed-up by Faze Action. But there are some new tracks as well,
    including that of Butti 49 (who will have their long-player out very
    soon on Guidance). Nicely compiled, nicely done.

    Dubarchanoid Trim--S/T (Ultima)
    The more I listen to this gem, the better it gets. The Japanese artists
    really can shine through, and the album from this Japanese artist (real
    name is Kentaro Iwaki) shines for me so very well. The musical styles go
    all over the place...jazz, Latin, breakbeat, and other forward-thinking
    sounds. The album has no one cohesive style, and yet by the end it just
    leaves a rather satisfying feeling that the musical trip was rather

    Nuspirit Helsinki--Trying: Butti 49 Remix (CDR)
    I've played the original track from Nuspirit Helsinki's self-titled
    album on my show a few times, loving its funky groove alongside some
    soulful vocal work. Now Snorre Seim takes the tune and busts the moves
    to make this a jazz-infused delight! The piano riffs, the drums, the
    bass...almost sounds as if it could have been from a jazz trio from the
    60s. This is definitely one of my favorite remixes of the year so far,
    without question. Word on the street is that this mix should hit the
    streets soon. Let's hope it does. Jazzheads unite!

    Koop--In A Heartbeat: Gerd Remix (test)
    This really nice mix by Gerd starts off with some drum breaks, then
    builds up to a washing wah-wah sound that meshes in with the jazzy bass.
    Quite a pleasant mix to listen to that will make you smile. Of course,
    Mr. Callier's smooth vocals remain intact...and rightfully so.

    Not sure yet if this will be officially release, so look around you for
    those rare test copies floating around because this may be as likely to
    a release as it may ever get. I do hope that Koop and Compost will make
    this happen.

    4 Hero featuring Lady Alma--Hold It Down Remixes 1 & 2 (Talkin Loud)
    "Creating Patterns" has been released back in September 2001, and it's a
    full-length that I would highly recommend without question. For some
    strange reason, though, it's yet to make it stateside. Baffling, to say
    the least.

    And now we finally have out the well sought-after "Hold It Down" remixes
    on 2 separate pieces of vinyl. For the first vinyl, I've listened to the
    Bugz In Da Attic version of the tune several months back, and I thought
    it sounded just okay. I was so very wrong...hearing it in all of its
    glory on vinyl, the beats...the strings...the vocals...all stand out
    very fresh. I've also listened to Kaidi's mix, and his contributions to
    the mix (including some nice keyboard work) makes for a great remix. And
    New York-based Osunlade adds a great soultempo mix that's nice and

    Now for vinyl two: newer remixes on this one. One from Teebone with a
    rather great hip-hop slant to it. The other is my favorite on the flip
    featuring the pumping basslines from Exmen. Very much a different take,
    and yet they both sound delish.

    Apparently, this will be the last 4 Hero release for Talkin Loud. Let's
    hope that it won't be too long before we hear new things from Dego and
    Mark Mac.

    Mindmuggaz--One Minute Man (white)
    On the same day that I was checking out the 4 Hero vinyl remixes, I was
    checking out for some new and fresh vinyl. There were several white
    labeled 12" singles in the Breaks section, and saw one plainly written
    that said "Mindmuggaz One Minute Man."

    Now I haven't heard of Mindmuggaz, nor have I've heard of "One MInute
    Man." So I've decided to check it out. Damn! The bassline is absolutely
    seductive, coming through hard and rough. I loved the feel and the tune
    so much, I must have played it at least a couple of more times while I
    was in the store. This is some serious shit!

    So now I know that Mindmuggaz also dropped a rather infectious mix of
    Missy Elliot's "Get Ur Freak On" last year, apparently tearing up the
    clubs wherever it played. Now they are trying to do again for Missy
    (along with rapper Ludacris) what they've done before, and I feel that
    this will drop clubgoers to their knees. This is the kind of music that
    is so primal in its intensity, that you should hold onto your decks for
    dear life because this should fill the floor rather nicely.

    Nightmares On Wax--Mind Elevation sampler 12" (Warp test)
    I've always found listening to Nightmares On Wax captivating, and it's
    good to have followed the maturation of DJ E.A.S.E.'s long-time project
    throughout the years. The most recent works seems to root N.O.W. into
    the boundary between hip-hop and downtempo, sometimes merging them both.

    And this EP is no exception. Four tunes taken off the forthcoming "Mind
    Elevation" long player on Warp will please longtime N.O.W. fans, and
    hopefully generate new ones. If the EP is of any indication, expect a
    great follow-up long-player.

    The album is due to drop on September 3rd.



    1. Focus--Having Your Fun (Versatile) 2. Dzihan & Kamien--Stiff Jazz (Couch) 3. Jazzanova--Soon featuring Vikter Duplaix: Domu Vocal Mix (JCR/Compost) 4. Jazzanova--In Between (JCR/Compost) 5. Bassman--Doorpusher EP (Fabrique) 6. Various Artists--Companionship: The Sounds Of Scandinavia (April test) 7. Various Artists--Fluid Ounce: Unmeasured (Fluid Ounce/Ubiquity test) 8. Cinematic Orchestra--Every Day (Ninja Tune) 9. Various Artists--Carte Blanche Vol. 3 (Naked Music/Astralwerks) 10. Various Artists--Local People EP (Local People) 11. King Britt Presents Scuba: Hidden Treasures (Om) 12. Cousin Cockroach--This Ain't Tom N' Jerry (Bitasweet) 13. Various Artists--Co-Operation Session 2 (Goya Music) 14. Nuspirit Helsinki--Trying: Butti 49 Remix (test) 15. Koop--In A Heartbeat: Gerd Remix (test) 16. Prefuse 73--The '92-'02 Collection EP (Warp) 17. Brooks--You, Me & Us (Mantis) 18. Peace Orchestra--Reset (G-Stone) 19. Stereotyp--My Sound (G-Stone) 20. High Contrast--True Colors (Hospital/Breakbeat Science) 21. Inverse Cinematics--Slow Swing EP 12" (Pulver) 22. Dubarchanoid Trim--S/T (Ultima) 23. Toy Division--Budapest Resonance 12" (Juice) 24. Binder & Kriegistein--Desayuno 12" (Zeiger test) 25. Nightmares On Wax--Mind Elevation sampler 12" (Warp)


    LAST WEEK'S PLAYLIST (Guest Host: Jennifer)

    1. DJ Harry--Wake Up The String Cheese Remix Project (Instinct)

    2. Ming & FS--Human Condition Om Records Sampler--Summer 2001 (Om)

    3. Akasha--Mescalin Space Jazz compilation (Quango)

    4. Dub Funk Association--Natty Dread Kung Fu The Roots Of Dub Funk compilation (Tanty)

    5. Caiola Hagen--The Mod Squad Theme (Champagne Charlie Remix) Electro Lounge Vol. 2 compilation (The Right Stuff)

    6. Miles Davis--Shhh (Sea 4 Miles Remix) Panthalassa: The Remixes compilation (Columbia)

    7. Peace Orchestra--Marakesch (Meitz Remix) Reset compilation (G-Stone)

    8. Avatars Of Dub--sexelevaormuzik

    9. Subthunk--Pretty Groovy Man Project B (Ureneely)

    (SUBTHUNK PROFILE DURING SECOND HOUR--no track listings here)

    10. Frank de JoJo--Turn Off The Lights Fluid Ounce Unmeasured compilation (Fluid Ounce/Ubiquity)

    11. Rockers Hi-Fi Meets Ella Fitzgerald--Sunshine Of Your Love Groove Corporatino Presents Remixes From Elephant House compilation (Guidance)

    12. Sound Tribe Sector 9--...And Some Are Angels Offered Schematics Suggestion (Landslide)

    13. Neon Heights--Are We There?

    14. Lamb--Little Things Fear Of Fours (Island)

    15. Amon Tobin--Saboteur (Roots Manuva Version) 4 Ton Mantis EP (Ninja Tune)

    16. Download--Ego Dissolve Effector (Nettwerk)

    17. Spacetime Continuum--Dance Royale Ars Antiqua Remixed (Atomcandy)

    18. Tosca--Chocolate Elvis Hi-Fidelity Dub Sessions: Chapter 2 compilation (Guidance)

    19. Smoke City--Flying High

    20. Nina Simone--See-Line Woman (Masters AT Work Remix) Verve Remixed compilation (Verve)

    21. Soulstice--Not Alone (Soulstice Remix) Mixed Illusion: Illusions Remixes (Om)

    22. Tino--I Like It Mambo New Testament Of Funk 2001 compilation (Unique)

    23. Bassment Jaxx--Bingo Bongo (David Morales Latin Dub Mix) Rarewerks compilation (Astralwerks)


    SHOUTS Thanks once more to Jennifer for keeping the Urban Landscapes flow going smoothly. Shouts to Candy, one of the classmates of 1982 @ Rowland, for her enthusiasm and curiosity...gonna give you some musical love! Shouts to Subthunk...apologies for my not making your gigs. Illness besets this guy, but hope your gig here in SLO went well. Hello to Sam from Ghostly International....glad the Ghostly tour was successful. Hey to Paul from Ecco...thanks for adding Urban Landscapes to your circular. Speak with you shortly on that! Shouts out to Aaron making his new home at Ubiquity....go get 'em, man! Hello to the Man from Bootsville...travelling to places most of us only dream of...travel on, man! Hats off to Gilb-r and Didier at Versatile...thanks for all the love, hope loves comes back to ya! Lastly, I'd like to welcome Doug from Satellite Records and Kelvin from the dubwise Tanty to the Urban Landscapes family.

    Keep spreading the word, and keep making things real!

    Just also learned from Dr. Boots of the passing of Oli, the purveyor of Stereo Deluxe. More soon...R.I.P., Oli.


    Please feel free to send promos/musical submissions (CD/CDR, vinyl, and minidisc) for airplay and/or review consideration to the following location:

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    If you're available for interviews, we welcome them as well. Just e-mail me at velanche@kcpr.org.

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    Have a great weekend!

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