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From: Velanche Stewart (vstewart@calpoly.edu)
Date: Sat Aug 03 2002 - 11:49:48 CEST

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    This a hard one!

    I would love to inform you all of my recent trips to wonderful
    Gothenburg and London, of all the wonderful records and CD's I have
    received of late. A chart full of fresh and hot choons, of wit and
    stories of bunnies, travel and mucho coffee drinking.
    Time though is inappropriate as some sadness has crept into our lives.
    Some of you may already know of this very sad news! That one of our dear
    brothers has passed away.

    This chart and circular is dedicated to the spirit and soul and the life
    of a man like Oli Rösch. The man who gave us Stereo Deluxe records.

    It's gonna be hard to hit the send button on this particular circular as
    I know one of the recipients may never get to read this particular
    newsletter. I shall though never remove the e-mail address of Oil Rösch
    just as it shall never be removed from my heart the imprint and impact
    he left of my soul and well being.
    It's a real bummer when just as you are ready to launch your next
    newsletter into cyberspace and you get the devastating news that one of
    your friends has been involved in a tragic motorcycle accident and lost
    his life as a consequence. The sensation of tearing up the pages and
    starting again is nothing though compared to the hurting those who knew
    and cared for Oli are feeling. I am proud that I can tear up the pages
    and bring you this dedication to one of our beloved musical brothers.

    And it's not like one of your great jazz heroes has just died either.
    They are supposed to die, just as we all are in due time. The sadness is
    that Oli was still very young and had a full life ahead of him. Oli
    lived and enjoyed life, he was an inspiration to those who knew him
    because of this. Most of those in the independent dance and music scene
    know of Oli when he started and introduced the Stereo Deluxe record
    label back in 95. The very first 'Bassic Instinct' compilation compiled
    by Oli himself setting the standard in which others would have to
    follow. Times would be though that he would have artists involved in the
    label and such artists and bands as Boozoo Bajou, Bobby Hughes
    Jaffa, Mo' Horizons, Robbyn Rhodes, Soul 'n' Soda, The Funky Lowlives,
    Strike boys, Trio Eletrico all came aboard with much applause to those
    had the opportunity to hear them.
    The Stereo Deluxe sound became the new modern urban sound. The label
    gave freedom to their artists to be expressive and innovative, to be as
    they seek and not how some big wig record company director saw fit. The
    label carried diversity and yet warmth. The compilations were as
    collectable to the headz as they were to the chain store buyer.
    Everybody I know even if they weren't hard core music fans have a Stereo
    Deluxe album in their collection. They crossed boundaries and got some
    unheard and obscure artists some much deserved credit with the
    mainstream audience.

    I had the great fortune to meet Oli and his friends and the wonderful
    Stereo Deluxe club earlier in the year. Being asked to DJ and play in
    another wonderful city is always a big honour for me, being asked by
    someone who I have so much respect for was an even bigger honour. I
    think of those gigs at Oli's club as some of the best times I have had
    for many a year. I can tell you that in those three amazing days and
    nights in Nurnberg, I have never laughed as much as with Oli. I came
    back to Vienna with sore facial muscles because of the constant smiling
    and laughing. I felt as if I had found a long lost soul brother. We had
    in common, football, music, clothes, food, cars and bunnies. I know too
    that this impression passed onto me by Oli was also passed on to others.
    I do not know of anyone who had but nice things to say about him. He was
    respected and loved by all who come into his life.
    I think Oli's death should teach us the importance of inspiration and
    believing. His outlook on life and his business always being so
    positive. He was a bright light to all around him. Only a few days ago
    before he left on his holiday did he send me one of those wonderful
    little e-mails. I didn't get the chance to reply to the mail as I was
    out of the country at the time. I guess this newsletter counts as some
    sort of reply.

    hi alan,
    hope you're fine....i want a photo from those sarajevo-girls who are
    taking care for your packages....
    i shall send greetings from gigi and elisabeth and treacle....i see
    them every week my boy...and feels good...hehe...
    how do you like the funky lowlives album by the way ?
    coming up the boozoo bajou 12" with glynns mix...wicked stuff...
    have a nice day and give my regards to alexander !
    ciaoi and all the best
    stereo deluxe

    Oli was in Vienna just a few weeks ago and I managed to have dinner with
    him and chat about Germany's near miss in the World cup and what's
    forthcoming on Stereo Deluxe. He was thrilled that I should choose two
    tracks from his label for my forthcoming compilation about such DJ
    I know with this newsletter which reaches many thousands in its
    circulation, that we would all like to pay our respects in some way to
    Oli. Stereo Deluxe is one of the success stories of our small little
    scene and we should thank Oli for paving the way ahead with his efforts.
    He will be missed by many personally and missed by many globally through
    his compiling of Stereo Deluxe compilations and A&R work with Stereo
    Deluxe. http://www.stereodeluxe.com

    I thought it would be appropriate to forget about forthcoming music this
    week and compile a Cuki top ten Stereo Deluxe chart. I'm sure everyone
    has their favourite SD choons, these just happen to be mine. Finally I
    would like to add my condolences to all concerned. To Elisabeth, to all
    the friends and family of Oli. We wish you the most peace in these
    difficult times. Please keep Oli's Stereo Deluxe spirit burning.

    And if you are reading this my dear friend Oli. I thank you for the
    wonderful times together and the great music and vibes that you spread
    across this world.
    I'm gonna miss you
    I love your boots

    Dr Boots prescribes the following Stereo Deluxe bullets for your
    forthcoming aural pleasure.

    1. The Funky Lowlives - Cartouche (Stereo Deluxe) 2xLP
    Yes Oli, I love the record. How proud Stereo Deluxe were to release the
    debut album by London's Funky Lowlives, and how proud we are of having
    it on our turntables. Its an album full of colour, charisma and charm.
    Its an album that grows in statue with each play and I recommend that
    you seek this fine long player immediately.

    2. Bobby Hughes Combination - Kerma Elastica (Stereo Deluxe) 12"
    When Ultimate Dilemma decided to treat Espen Horne with the same sort of
    enthusiasm you would give a toothache, our man Oil stepped in with
    opened arms to give one of the great producers of the European scene a
    proper audience. The Kerma Elastica track which had been the hottest
    CD-R doing the rounds had finally found a home. The new Bobby Hughes
    album is finished and we hope that in the weeks to come the wonderful
    music of Epsen Horne will come out of course on Stereo Deluxe.

    3. Jaffa - Elevator (Stereo Deluxe) 2xLP
    I remember back in the day getting one of those hush hush CD-R's about
    this lot. One year down the line Oli decides that this should see the
    light of day on a proper release and duly gives it one. Still one of my
    favourite hip hop and downbeat instrumental albums of recent years and
    never more then one meter away from the Bootsville turntables. The one
    meter length is the Dr Boots guide to a classic album. This album shares
    space with Minnie, Maze and Mantronix.

    4. Emo - Relief for free (Butti 49 remix)(Stereo Deluxe) 12"
    I remember Oli handing this white label to me as I entered his warm and
    wonderful club in Nurnberg. He told me that I would like this! Towards
    the end of the night and my set I slipped it on the turntable and duly
    wet myself. Liked it! I bloody loved it! If he would have told me that I
    would love it, I would have played it earlier in the night when all the
    bunnies were in their prime! Classic ingredients including Copenhagen's
    Emo, Stavanger's Butti 49 and Oli's Stereo Deluxe all add up to a
    monster dance floor smash. It's been in my box for over 5 months now and
    shows no sign of
    slipping out.

    5. Boozoo Bajou - Satta (Stereo Deluxe) 2xLP
    Another great album that brings along some goosebumps. Man, did I hammer
    that Yoruba Road track. Boozoo Bajou came good with remixes for Tosca's
    Chocolate Elvis and Truby's Agogo but Satta was the icing on the cake
    for Boozoo B. Ten monster moments that made you forget where the skip
    button was.

    6. The Funky Lowlives - Bellaluna mixes (Richard Dorfmeister vs Uptight
    Dub mix)(Stereo Deluxe) 12"
    Originally out on a G stone release but the remixes come full circle to
    Oli's tight little label in Bavaria. Dr Rich and buddies come through
    with the classic sound of Vienna, full of trippy and tastefull dubbyness
    in the mix. I remember playing this record heavily in London when I
    lived there. When I moved to Vienna the sound made so much more sense.
    It was great back then, it is even better right here in Vienna.

    7. V/A - Future Lounge Vol 1 (Stereo Deluxe) 2xLP
    Including classic tales from the Aphrodelics, Geg El and Lemn. At the
    time I didn't have the foggiest who these artists were but I loved the
    music all the same. Oli's clever selection process made these
    compilations essential to working DJ's as well as the regular punter on
    the street looking for a top drawer downbeat selection. I remember
    thinking at the time "where does this guy get these tunes from".

    8. V/A / Slow Mo (Stereo Deluxe) CD
    Another excellent compilation full of bullets that Cuki didn't know
    about. I only have a CD but it has been a constant companion to the CD
    player and the listener for a while now. Once again Oli the selector for
    this super set of alternative takes. Seek this baby out.

    9. Mo' Horizons - Bosshannover (Stereo Deluxe) 12"
    Me and Nippon Nik loved this record. We thought at the time that Oli had
    gonna all Nicole Conte on us! Sambatastic mate! Not arf! B side, track 2
    showing that you get plenty moneys worth with SD releases. It wasn't
    your typical Stereo Deluxe release but then again what is your typical
    Stereo Deluxe release.

    10. The Funky Lowlives - Divers ( Boozoo Bajou Low immersion dub)(Stereo
    Deluxe) 12"
    On man this was a classic. B Side bizniz again for this tripped out
    kicker. One Saturday afternoon at a Patrick Forge pre record for the
    Cosmic Jam and we knew we found the perfect link record between
    Patrick's show and the great David Rodigen's reggae show on Kiss FM. It
    covered the bases and joined the dots as they say.

    This weeks Java Joint
    The coffee tastes slightly bitter tonight. No surprise as I find today
    one of those days that nothing seems to be right. I did though find one
    beautiful album that I played while compiling this circular and
    dedication to Oli Rösch.
    Kenny Rankin - 'Like a Seed'
    Little David records ST-LD-722583 (1972)
    We are all one, born into this rich earth, into the human experience. We
    carry a dream, a special vision inside, and when the load gets heavy we
    can reach for that dream. Through it life unfolds and we find strength,
    faith, love. This album grew from that belief.
    By Yvonne Rankin

    Bussi babba
    Stay lovely
    The sweet Pops

    Mail to
    Alan Brown
    Soul Seduction Distribution,
    Gonzagagasse 19,
    A-1010 Vienna,

    Mob/SMS 0043 699 1260 4000
    Tel 0043 (1) 533 76 1732, Fax 0043 (1) 533 76 18

    Those wishing to continue mailing me in London
    c/o Reka Fabian
    75 Salusbury Road
    London NW6 6NH

    ......... and

    We luv ya boots Oli ;)

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