Re: [acid-jazz] 21st century urban music observation.

Date: Wed Aug 21 2002 - 13:24:18 CEST

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    > essential:
    > Underground hip hop acts like Jurassic 5,
    > Mosef, Talib Kweli, Slum Village, Quannum, Solesides/ Blackalicious, People
    > under the stairs, Def Jux artists, still plug away trying to make obscure
    > beats and frenetic rhymes never getting the respect they deserve.

    on the contrary, i think they get the respect. maybe not in the mainstream
    media or (big)money-wise, but among the people who know about and love

    > Black
    > music (jazz, soul, and funk) of 60's & 70's had purpose which were either
    > political, conciousness, spirituality, and just GOOD VIBES.

    also, COMMERCIALITY. why else would motown records headquarters been called
    hitsville u.s.a.? berry gordy - and all other major soul/funk etc. - labels
    were about making hit records. which doesn't of course exclude the things
    you've mentioned. the sixties soul writers and big artists just happened to
    be much more skilled in their craft than the hitmakers of today, methinks.
    nowadays it's mega rare to see proper music on hit music charts.

    > What happened to
    > the SOUL in the U.S. I hear more in house artists like Osunlade, MAW, Blaze,
    > Roy Davis Jr., Chriss Brann/Ananda Project/ P'taah, Basement Boys/ Charles
    > Dockins, Maurice Fulton, Moodymann, Theo Parrish, Kevin Yost, Joe Claussell,
    > Danny Krivit, and Mateo & Matos.

    true. soulfulness, spirituality and good vibes are also higly represented in
    music of antibalas, breakestra, sharon jones & the dap kings, dudley
    perkins, nick rossi set etc. also, i find that vibe also in many detroit
    techno artists: jeff mills, underground resistance, derrick may & co. the
    vibe's still there. it comes up in many forms, be it authentic sounding
    retro funk a'la sharon jones or detroit techno, n.y. house or whatever.
    > But it's only the
    > crap dominating all three scenes.

    i personally think that crap dominates all scenes, the real gems are rare.
    but when you find them hidden in the caves of dirt they keep you alive!

    > But, I really hope we can change the music formats on Radio & TV. >

    me too. here in europe radios have gone shite since playlist format radio
    stepped in the arena. and here in finland we don't find consolation in
    pirate radios: us being a hell of a small nation there's a 120% risk to cet

    > We sure
    > had agood thing going with internet radio. Nu-jazz/ Broken beat was
    > definitely on the ball with that one until those ridiculous copyright laws
    > took over, messing up internet radio in the U.S.

    and all over the world, it seems.

    > Let's hope the people are ready for intelligent
    > SOULFUL music.

    i have no faith in the masses, as olaf put it:

    > olaf:
    > the masses don't care about good or bad music, they just want simple stuff
    > they recognise..... it should not become a aim to become
    > mainstream.......just keep on making good music for the peeps who want to
    > find it and appreciate it...let the masses rot

    let underground be underground and not touched by the evil hands of
    marketing industry, conglomerate corporations and mass media! let babylon
    never win! :)

    heikki kiviluoto | turku soul mafia

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