Re: [acid-jazz] 21st century urban music observation.

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Date: Thu Aug 22 2002 - 02:39:11 CEST

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    > I agree with the comments saying we shouldn't be too
    > concerned about how many units our favorite artists
    > move. the ability for them to make and distribute
    > records that we can listen to and buy should be the
    > main concern. and i really don't think there has
    > been a better time for that then now. it seems as if
    > there are at least 3 full lengths and 5 (import)
    > 12's a week that i'd be happy to support.

    yes, but wouldn't it be nice if you *didn't* have to
    pay import prices AND people that aren't music fiends
    knew who gilles was? it's been how many years, and
    people still say "what's that?" when i mention 2-step
    garage or even acid-jazz (fewer, but i still get "that

    > that is
    > quite enough for my bank account. add that to the
    > list of archived radio shows available to listen to
    > at work, and i can not level too many complaints at
    > outlets for our type of tunes... for those who know
    > where to look (and i think that essential, is your
    > real complaint).

    that, and people asking you if you play hiphop when
    you're spinning roots manuva... it's annoying that
    there can be so much pressure to play the same tunes
    (not just the genres) that people heard on the way to
    the club! if you just want to hear music you know,
    throw a house party, invite all your friends and play
    your cds!!

    trying to cool down,


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