Re: neptunes (Re: [acid-jazz] 21st century urban music observation.)

From: Erik Gaderlund (
Date: Thu Aug 22 2002 - 04:04:01 CEST

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    At 17:28 -0700 08/21/02, t-bird wrote:
    >--- _dakati _ <> wrote:
    >> speaking of the neptunes... I missed their
    >> appearance on worldwide a few weeks back, but to my
    >> suprise the bbc has temporarily archived a revealing
    >> conversation w/ gilles peterson chatting it up w/
    >> the duo N*E*R*D.... they've got quite an intersting
    >> philosophy on the worldwide scene and having learned
    >> a bit more about the two, it should be quite
    >> intersting watching what happens....
    >i haven't checked the link, yet (no realplayer on the
    >network at my job--what other players will deal
    >w/that?). while i think it's cool the the 'tunes are
    >running things w/their weird-ass approach to things
    >(kinda like radiohead circa "kid a"), i'm still
    >annoyed that they re-recorded their album (maybe they
    >deal with why in the interview) and now it's some rock
    >thing i can't stand.

    Excatly!! I like their production on the hot singles they do (the was
    a review of them in an Audiophile mag I read
    ( you'll have to pay to read it), and I then
    picked up the N*E*R*D album and really disliked it. As T said it's
    much too rock to be interesting. Rather lame beats and vocals.

    erik g

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