people get ready (moRe: [acid-jazz] 21st century urban music observation.)

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Date: Thu Aug 22 2002 - 17:36:59 CEST

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    --- 21st century soul <> wrote:
    > the sad part: people (ie joe blow with the radio)
    > are not ready. i don't
    > think they ever will be.
    > the great part: who gives a shit?! we got each
    > other! let's jam!
    > mb

    see the thing is this, some of us want to invite
    everyone to the party and we get bummed out when 90%
    of them don't want to go. we still go on (we're
    posting to the list, still playing out--what WE want),
    but the more people that are into something, the
    easier the access becomes. sometimes that will water
    it down (when the bean counters take over), but
    *sometimes* you get the radiohead thing--as they got
    bigger, their albums became progressively more
    adventurous (sorry, i really like "ok computer", "kid
    a", and i'm glad they did the numbers they did).


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