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Date: Sun Aug 25 2002 - 08:53:26 CEST

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    I was out for beers with a co-worker who had no recollection of ever hearing
    'Groove is in the heart' by Deee-Lite (the subject came up because the bar
    we were in was playing it). I found it very unlikely he had never heard the
    song, but he explained 'Oh thats just dance-crap, I just tune out and dont
    hear that music.' So I gave him a copy of a compilation I put together.
    Stylistically, the music was diverse, from German-post-punk-electronic-art
    rock to loungey, mellow jazzy stuff. Much of the music was really difficult
    to pigeonhole, but it was all electronic somehow. He liked some parts of
    the cd alot, and some of it not at all, but the funny part was when he asked
    me, "So what kind of music is this?" What could I say, it was 14 songs and
    about 8 different styles - so i said, it's just dance-crap.

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    >Subject: Re: people get ready (moRe: [acid-jazz] 21st century urban music
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    > >try explaining what you listen to with people at work. the end result is
    > >usually "oh, rave music".
    > >just say yep and walk away.
    >I usually tell people Future Soul music......just to see their odd
    >expression. ;P
    >I always get rave kids ask me if broken beat is nu skool breaks. When they
    >actually here it, they run & hide, cuz the music is too deep & complicated
    >for their little heads. ;P ;P

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