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Date: Fri Aug 23 2002 - 01:06:37 CEST

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    A) 9 out of 10 you get a female coming up to you asking for "good
    music"..just answer: we are booked to play only bad music tonight

    B) house is such a generic term that people often don't even know you're
    playing house when you're playing the more soulfull vocal stuff...i guess
    it's lack of education and the only solution i can think of: exposure and
    word of mouth


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    > > I shudder to think that maybe it would be a good idea to
    > > advertise as house, b/c
    > > I really have a limited tolerence for the monotonous
    > > beats (sorry, househeads)
    > > but this phenomenon is something to consider. Agh,
    > > marketing/promoting is the
    > > most miserable job for so many of us music types.
    > >
    > I'm having the same problem, but I'm coming to the
    > completely opposite conclusion. On one of my nights, my
    > partner and I spin mostly deep, soulful, jazzy house, as
    > well as dipping into funk, disco, broken beat, and anything
    > else we happen to be digging at the moment -- Basically, a
    > 'house' night. Problem is, round these parts, mention
    > house and people usually get instantly turned off, thinking
    > it's gonna be those 'monotonous beats', hard house, prog
    > house, etc. -- unless of course, they're into that... In
    > which case, they're probably not going to be too happy with
    > what we're spinning. Whatever, I'm sick of discussing
    > 'genres', it's all music, good or bad. Mind you, the other
    > night, we were spinning a killer set (I thought) of soulful
    > house, the dance floor was going off, and then someone came
    > up to the booth and requested that we play in her words,
    > some 'good music'. Just can't please everyone, I guess.
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