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From: Wm. ERROL PACE (
Date: Wed Aug 28 2002 - 02:28:32 CEST

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    > > Dude, no offense, but if you think that Tool fits into the rest of your
    > > ten list, then I would say that the problem lies with you. Tool is far
    > > being a throwaway alternative radio band.
    > >
    > > Stimp
    >this may be true, but they *are* as far from funky house music as you can

    Tool Mainstream? Nah I can't see it even in places like Toronto, San Fran,
    or Frankfurt. But I would take listening to Tool anyday over all that
    Euro-Techno-Pop-Sissy-Nights at the Roxbury-Haddaway Fodder that permeates
    the airways and this list at times you know the kind of fodder that
    stimulates the vomitting reflex. Some may see it as far fetched but I feel
    the Funk sometimes when I hear Tool or Perfect Circle. If MTV is a vision
    of what is considered Mainstream hten I think its time to talk to Coach
    Madden about punting the ball and getting out of the game until another wave
    comes around. It does appear that things go in circles and God Forbid then
    that means Disco will come back around, I try to be positive but once again
    it is difficult to find anything remotely redeaming about that genre or that
    time period. I know someone out there in the vast Sonic Wastelands is going
    to tell me that Acid Jazz and everything else revolves around Disco but they
    would have a difficult time convincing me of that.

    For me its time to think of a 60 minute version of Fenomenon's "Out of
    Control" from Disc 1 of Hedkandi's Winter Chill 3, Now That is More Like

    Stimp!!! Great to hear you pipe in!!! BTW, today 27 Aug 02 is Down Town
    Julie Brown's 39th Birthday and I have to thank God for such an exquisite
    Beauty, Wubba Wubba Wubba!!! Toodle Pip, Purple Haze and Happy Trails!!!

    Semper Motociclismo,


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