Re: [acid-jazz] Funny requests, was -- 21st century urban music observation.)

From: Eighth Dimension (
Date: Wed Aug 28 2002 - 00:12:04 CEST

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    >Dude, no offense, but if you think that Tool fits into the rest of your top
    >ten list, then I would say that the problem lies with you. Tool is far from
    >being a throwaway alternative radio band.

    maybe so
    but there ain't no problem with me .... (well, not related to that, anyway)
    and I don't think I said they were a throwaway band
    so calm down now, mr. defensive ...

    it's on the list because
    it's damn funny when you're playing groovy funk chunks for 2 hours to
    a couple hundred dancing folks and some mullet-haired guy raps you on
    the shoulder, knocks a beer all over your record bag, and then yells,
    "dude! you got any Tool or Limp Bizkit????"

    that's a true story
    and that's why it's on the top 10 list ...
    no reflection on the band
    the above was just a for-real 'frightening song request' moment ... got it?

    personally, I'm no fan of Tool
    but the singer was on Mr. Show a few times, right?
    so that's pretty cool ....


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