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        I'm not sure that having sold tons of records suddenly makes a band's
    music invalid. Tons of dumb Frat boys listen to Tool, and chances are that
    they can't differentiate what they're doing to the drivel being put out by
    Limp Bizkit, Korn or whatever else passes for heavy music these days.
    However, Frank Zappa complained about exactly the same people buying his
    records back in the 70's; ie: that they didn't understand most of what he
    was trying to do. Does that make Zappa's music invalid too? Heck, it used
    to annoy him to no end when he'd try to play stuff off his latest record,
    and some of those same frat boys would scream "PLAY DINAH MOE HUMM!!!"
    incessantly throughout the concert.

        In the end, I guess that Tool will always be associated with the mullet
    crowd, and that's unfortunate because it really does their music no justice,
    to be lumped in with all the rest of those made-for-radio bands. I guess
    that's what happens when you sell a few million records......... But are
    you supposed to suddenly stop listening to a great band just because they
    become popular, or do they suddenly become unworthwhile due to that? It's
    kinda strange, how us music lovers try to get other people to listen to the
    great stuff that we're into, but if it becomes TOO popular, ie: radio or MTV
    picks it up, then we suddenly try to completely disassociate ourselves from

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    > >Dude, no offense, but if you think that Tool fits into the rest of your
    > >ten list, then I would say that the problem lies with you. Tool is far
    > >being a throwaway alternative radio band.
    > maybe so
    > but there ain't no problem with me .... (well, not related to that,
    > and I don't think I said they were a throwaway band
    > so calm down now, mr. defensive ...
    > it's on the list because
    > it's damn funny when you're playing groovy funk chunks for 2 hours to
    > a couple hundred dancing folks and some mullet-haired guy raps you on
    > the shoulder, knocks a beer all over your record bag, and then yells,
    > "dude! you got any Tool or Limp Bizkit????"
    > that's a true story
    > and that's why it's on the top 10 list ...
    > no reflection on the band
    > the above was just a for-real 'frightening song request' moment ... got
    > personally, I'm no fan of Tool
    > but the singer was on Mr. Show a few times, right?
    > so that's pretty cool ....
    > later!

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