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Date: Wed Aug 28 2002 - 15:24:34 CEST

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    on 28.8.2002 16:08, Stimp at wrote:

    > But are
    > you supposed to suddenly stop listening to a great band just because they
    > become popular, or do they suddenly become unworthwhile due to that? It's
    > kinda strange, how us music lovers try to get other people to listen to the
    > great stuff that we're into, but if it becomes TOO popular, ie: radio or MTV
    > picks it up, then we suddenly try to completely disassociate ourselves from
    > it?

    you're right about that, i've been wondering about that
    'elitist-i-saw-it-back-in-1985-when-it-wasn't-a-sello-out -attitude' myself
    as well. but i still think that's missing the point in the original topic.
    as t-bird put it:

    > i think you guys are totally missing the point of what
    > michael was trying to get across. it's not so much
    > about tool in the absolute, but relative to what he
    > was playing--funk or house. i own and love ac/dc's
    > "back in black", but you'd be hard pressed to find it
    > in my record box when i'm playing funk, or electronic
    > music. it's just completely out of place.
    q-burn had compiled the list in the sense mentioned above. heck, i love the
    beatles' 'revolver' (like a couple of millions of other people do too, i
    guess) but i would'n't play the fab four within a deep funk set. so, in that
    sense i'd find the 'tomorrow never knows' request a bit odd and funny. and
    that would have nothing to do with the song being too popular or mullet
    music or hippie bullshit or whatever.

    tool guys would find a person in the first row shouting 'play paranoid'
    during their live set a bit annoying/funny as well, methinks. :)

    heikki kiviluoto | turku soul mafia

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