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Date: Wed Aug 28 2002 - 16:51:59 CEST

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    Well said, Stimp. Just because a band is actually making some money off of
    the corporate record label juggernaut is no reason to hate them; hell, it's
    a reason to like them, especially when they do it by playing the game by
    their OWN rules, as Tool always has. I remember the 'Undertow' days, when
    the band had no help whatsoever from the label, mainly because they didn't
    want it. They've been on that label (Zoo/BMG/Volcano) for almost 10 years
    now...a rarity these days. They've proven they can sell records the
    old-fashioned way: through extensive touring and excellent word-of-mouth.
    The fact that the band makes their own videos doesn't hurt either. Just
    think about it; how many other band members can claim both a songwriting AND
    an animation/direction credit on their videos? Hating a band because they
    are popular is childish and spiteful; there is even a song about this on
    Lateralus. I'm just thankful that they are actually able to make a living
    at making music, in addition to having the money to work on other projects
    (Replicants, Lusk, A Perfect Circle, etc.).

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