Re: are you subscribed to Straight No Chaser

From: Nathaniel Rahav (
Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 09:13:17 CET

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    Hi Massimo,

    Straight No Chaser is an excellent magazine, in fact it is our "Bible" for
    all things jazzy and an essential read. It is also a very good magazine to
    support because they are small and very important to this 'Scene'.

    Here in the US, I dont subscribe to it because I find that the cost of
    shipping to the US on their subscription option is too expensive.
    For me it is cheaper to buy it from Dirk at Groove Distribution whenever
    it comes out.

    But I think that if I was living in Europe I would definitely subscribe
    because the cost of shipping is much less. Or if I didnt have a direct
    source to get it here.



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    Subject: Are you subscribed to Straight No Chaser?

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    Are there 5 issues per year? When do they come out?
    Please comment the mag
    Thank you

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