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Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 17:10:16 CET

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    Crate Soul Brothers newsletter #78: Hot springs and monkeys

    Newsflash 04.03.2002

    Dear friends,

    Here comes the sun little darling and we hope it will shine till the end of autumn from now on. Me in the phase of job seeking but so hard to concentrate on anything else but music. Had a nice evening in the radio studio last Tuesday with Leengum and lost-for-a-while dj Gonnok.

    On the previous Saturday a new series started at Budapest's Club La Ventura with the help of ThirdG promotion team ( The main people behind the weekly Gelee Royal night at the lovely Porgy & Bess of Vienna ( AleXdrum and Isabelle aka DJ Shalom will invite monthly different musicians and djs from Vienna and Budapest to jam together. The first guests were Café Drechsler live, DJ Darcosan of the Vienna Scientists posse and me. We had a great night and the nice folks danced till the very end (lots of beautiful young girls!). Thanks to everybody for making it happen. Next week it will be my turn in Vienna, so look out!

    Shuriken's bits from London:

    Fellow Kristalykert dj Leengum visited this city two weeks ago, and hanging out with him was loads of fun. I miss him again already.

    Koop rocked Cargo that weekend. I mean they have touched our souls in the concert hall filled to its maximum capacity. Yukimi Nagano played on our hearts' strings. No words can describe her voice, so I'm not even attempting. Even Earl Zinger has appeared on stage, bringing us his enormous verbal fun live. And the band was just amazingly smooth and swinging.

    Now I'm laying low for a while, trying to get some work done for college, so for the next weeks, don't expect me to turn up at fancy places and concerts and report. No, I'm sticking to New Cross, this dirty, noisy, but in certain ways charming suburb of London.

    This week's reading is from a recent interview with Japanese electronic post pop superstar, Cornelius aka Keigo Oyamada, who somehow quite misteriously seems to be on the same mental frequency with us, sharing our long time fantasies of playing dream gigs at home or for monkeys, sitting in the hot water:

    "Time Out: In Japan you're known for playing huge, elaborate, sold-out stadium gigs. If you could pick anywhere to play, where would it be?

    Cornelius: I prefer small venues. I'd like to play in my own house to maybe two or three people and I wouldn't have to leave the house.

    T: So what would you do to make it special?

    C: Maybe I'd do it in my bathroom. No, actually I'd do it at one of Japan's hot springs. There, monkeys and chipmunks - lots of animals - take baths."

    Keep on taking bath in hot springs till next week!

    Keyser & Shuriken (Crate Soul Brothers)

    DJ Shuriken (London/Budapest) chart for March 2002
    No - Artist - Title - Label

    1.Solar Apple Qarktette - Do You Love Me Too - Further Out
    2.Modul - Egy kurva dramaja - CD-R
    3.Carmel - Nujazzkiller - Fluid Ounce
    4. Jon Kennedy - We Are Just Waiting For You Now - Tru Thoughts
    5. Femi Kuti - Do Your Best/Fight To Win (Remixes) - Barclay
    6. 4Hero - Hold It Down (West London Rmxs) - Talkin Loud
    7.John Kong & Moonstarr - Future Vision (Zero dB remix) - Fluid Ounce
    8.Def Tex and The Large Lefties Sing - Sad Songs - Left Hand Music
    9.The Quantic Soul Orchestra - The Assassin - Tru Thoughts
    10.Raw Deal - Dark Horse - Talkin Loud
    11.Unknown - a labelless 10" with Tokyo A and Tokyo B engraving ?
    12.Hint - The Beau Selectah EP - Deep Water
    13.Gorillaz - Tomorrow Dub - Parlophone
    14. Aromabar - All I Want (Aromabar Urban Redesign Mix) - InfraCom!
    15.Arkestra 1 - Train to Machu Pichu - Cosmic Sounds
    16.RJD2 - Here's What's Left - Altered Vibes
    17.Kabuki - Tempest - (At Jazz RMX) - IRMA
    18.Snorre Seim - Brassespark - Hifi Therapy
    19.Gerardo Frisina - Saeta - Schema
    20.Xploding Plasix - Treat Me Mean - Hospital

    Tilos Radio (
    Kristalykert (Crystal Garden - 23-02h 26. 02. 2002) - DJs: Keyser & Leengum, later with Gonnok

    Listen (archived till the next show):

    1. Femi Kuti - Oneday Someday (Barclay)
    2. Femi Kuti - Do Your Best (Barclay)
    3. Frederic Galliano and the African Divas - All Gassi Magui (F-Com)
    4. DSP - Sins I've Lost (Two) (Imperial Dub)
    5. Deadbeats - Funky For You - Dorfmeister vs Madrid de los Austrias dub (Sunshine)
    6. Archie Shepp - Song For Mozambique - Sun Tools remix (Mo Smog)
    7. Moonstarr - Duplex (Public Transit)
    8. RJD2 - Two More Dead (Altered Vibes)
    9. Creamshower - Who Got The Key (Sunshine)
    10. Sonic Generation - Funky Solution (Good Looking)
    11. Quantic - Fresh Rhythm (Vienna Scientists)
    12. Apl - Futuristic Island (Elektromatrix)
    13. 3Head - Wings of the Morning Star - Solar Apple Quarktett Rerub (CDR)
    14. Herbie Hancock - Tais is Robswift (Transparent)
    15. Tony Allen feat. Damon Albarn and Ty - Every Season (Comet)
    16. Ursula Rucker - Supa Sista (Society Nu Mericana rmx (K7)
    17. Modul - Berlioz (CDR)
    18. DSP - Sins I've Lost (One) (Imperial Dub)
    19. Twitch - Tell Me How You Feel (Key)
    20. D'Angelo - Da Joint (Won)
    21. Henry Salvador - Jazz Mediterranea - Readymade rmx (Source)
    22. Marc Moulin - Into The Dark - Lamalice rmx (Blue Note)
    23. Jon Cutler feat. Kemdi - You Groove Me - Osunlade mix (Distant)
    24. Nicodemus and Osiris - Inside The Dance (Giant Step)
    25. Paradox - Paragon of Virtue (Archive)
    26. Butta - O'kwawa Se' (Fruit Meat)
    27. Dj Spinna - Deep Rooted (Nite Grooves)
    28. Martin and Brian Dee - Indianapolis 2 - The Bronx Dogs Funkapolis mix (Strut)
    29. Incognito - Reach Out - Alex Attias Straight Funk Dub Version (Talkin Loud)
    30. Zimpala - Mahagon - Roby J.C. remix (Lacerba)
    31. Jazz Spanky's Sound Approach - Salsa Fiction (Milk)
    32. Garsaadi - Frank Zaffa - Florian Keller mix (Compost)
    33. Koop - Relaxin at Club F****N (JCR)

    Next events:
    09. March Budapest Trafo: Mozgo Haz Party / Keyser and Leengum
    10. March Budapest Trafo: Tilos Party / chill out: Keyser
    14. March Vienna Porgy & Bess: Gelee Royal /LIVE >> aleXdrum feat. Roly Wesp*keys, Karim (Voovoo/Poland)*bass, Luis Ribeiro*percussion DJs >>> Shalom (mouth to mouth) & Keyser
    15. March Debrecen Klinika Mozi: release party / Cukipapa (Vienna), Keyser + Grabowsky
    22. March Budapest Rigoletto - CRATE SOUL PRESSURE - The 1st Round / Russ Dewbury (Brighton, UK) + Keyser, Erik Sumo, Badihali & Sanyi
    12. April Budapest Rigoletto - CRATE SOUL PRESSURE - Keyser b-day bash / Florian Keller (München, D) + Keyser, Erik Sumo

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