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From: Dave Haynes (dave@inspiritmusic.com)
Date: Fri Mar 08 2002 - 19:02:06 CET

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    Hi and welcome to another instalment of charts’n’sound. The charts quite
    dancefloor and 2-step centric this fortnight. There’s so much good stuff
    flying around at the moment though, I just can’t fit it all in. Maybe I’m
    gonna have to start doing a top 20!

    Shouts this week to Neil Forbes from Solar Radio. You can check the station
    out on Sky Digital Ch. 879 (UK) and on the web at www.solarradio.com
    <http://www.solarradio.com/> for lots of soulful, jazz sounds from both the
    future and the yesteryears. Check his show out Thursday’s 6-8pm and Sunday s

    Remember you can buy all the best in 2-step and broken beat stylings at
    www.inspiritmusic.com/shop <http://www.inspiritmusic.com/shop>

    Also please check out www.truespirits.net <http://www.truespirits.net/> to
    discuss the very best music we all love…

    1. 4 Hero – Hold It Down (Teebone remix) – Talkin Loud
    Right – I’m gonna stick my neck out here. This 2-step mix stomps all over
    the Bugz In The Attic version. Pure dancefloor fodder, put it on the morning
    and you’ll be dancing all over your room. Put it on late a t night – much
    the same effect! The only thing letting it down is the inane MC-ing from the
    ironically named MC God Gift. The Wookie mixes rock too. Track this one down
    before it disappears.

    2. Kabuki – Tempest / Atjazz remix – Head To Toe
    Kabuki’s turning out some great stuff at the moment. Broken dancefloor beats
    give way to a seriously naughty b-line in a sound which reminds me a lot of
    Air Frog’s ‘Bon Voyage’. Oh yeah – and did I mention Atjazz pulls off one of
    his best remixes to this year. Can’t wait to hear more from this label.

    3. PFM – In Love (Garage mix) – Looking Good
    This one’s a bit old now, from last years Val Sinestra EP, but I really did
    have problems picking it up. Finally tracked it down in Cardiff and headed
    straight for the garage mix of In Love. Good Looking 2-step won’t be
    everyones cup of tea but old fans of the Bukem sound should check this one.

    4. Various Artists – Emoticon Sampler vol. 2 – Emoticon
    Another one, I only just managed to pick up down in Cardiff… The pick of the
    bunch is Total Science’s ‘I Know’. Atmospheric electro-tinged beats which
    will appeal to fans of the Skindeep label or anyone who picked up the
    Phillytest white last year.

    5. Nitin Sawhney – Cold & Intitmate (Landslide mix) – V2
    Not much to say about this one. It’s Landslide, it’s Nitin Sawhney – when is
    Tim Land gonna do a bad remix? Is it possible…

    6. Alison David - One Last Look (Domu mixes) – Bitasweet
    One of my favourite Domu reworkings to date in my opinion. The dub for the
    dancefloor and a vocal mix for all the broken beat crew. Tasty.

    7. Amma – On My Own (Landslide) – Inspirit Music
    Oh my gosh!!! Landslide touches down on Inspirit with one of his finest
    remixes to date (second only to the ‘Betcha’ reworkings). Tim Land goes deep
    fusing Amma’s super sultry vocals with some sublime 2-step grooves. No
    release date as yet…
    Listen to the extended 2.30 snippet.

    8. Soul Sista – Only You (Sequel mix) – Inspirit Music
    Awesome broken mixes from Switzerland’s finest. Support from the likes of
    Jazzanova… hold tight for that release date!

    9. MJ Cole – Nextisms – Talkin Loud
    Track this one down on the Long Time Dead LP sampler. MJ Cole goes
    hard-hitting, intelligent, and dancefloor. It might be time for the MJ Cole
    revival with forthcoming collaborations with the likes of Rodney P. Keep ‘em

    10. Slope – Para Los Pinchas / Sequel Mix – Mermaid
    Another contender for Airfrog sound-a-like, Para Los Pinchas gets your feet
    shuffling and your head nodding with its awesome beats and gnarling b-line.
    Sequel get busy on the remix, hitting the bass with some LFO and giving the
    track a slightly more uplifting feel. It’s been around for a while now –
    check it out.

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