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Date: Fri Mar 08 2002 - 18:21:16 CET

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    Sorry only just noticed this msg...
    Seen a copy of my mate's, but haven't been able to buy it yet.
    Looks very good and in depth. Hopefully better written than Big
    Daddy (those articles get so difficult to read if you don't know what
    they're about before you read them!). I think the music it covers
    though is more BD than SNC, i don't think it'll cover much nujazz or
    deep house, but plenty of breaks, funk and jazz. I think there was
    an article on Mingus in the first edition.

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    > I haven't gotten my hands on a copy yet but I noticed a few sites that
    > are carrying a new NYC-based music journal entitled Wax Poetics
    > ( Anyone seen it kicking around? The focus
    > is on beats, hip hop and vinyl collecting and the premiere issue is
    > loaded up with articles. Is this going to be the US' answer to Chaser
    > or Big Daddy? Let's hope so. I'd hoped that The Fader would fill that
    > role but...
    > Speaking of Chaser, I've peeped their URL a bunch of times and there's
    > nothing there. Funny that so many sites have a link to 'em. Maybe some
    > things are just plain better in print form.

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