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    the rapper's delight thing is amazing, as she says! Haven't heard
    the rest but looks like i'm going to seek it out. Anybody know
    good place inu UK to buy brazillian LPs? (except Mr Bongo's, of
    On 8 Mar 2002, at 20:27, megan hill wrote:

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    Subject: BLACK RIO

    > just wanted to give a heads up to any of you feeling
    > the brazilian thing (i don't think anyone else has
    > mentioned it, so i thought i would).
    > i picked up the compilation "black rio" last weekend
    > and i haven't stopped listening to it. it's on the
    > strut label and is compiled by dj cliffy--this guy has
    > got to have the best rare brazilian collection of
    > anyone! anyhow, the comp is full of amazing 70s black
    > brazilian funk and soul (i'd never heard of about 80%
    > of the musicians). the killer for me is the funkiest
    > brazilian style rendition of "rapper's delight."
    > everyone i've played it for goes nuts. just get it.
    > you won't be disappointed!
    > -megan
    > ps--also got a copy of the MAW remix of nina simone's
    > "see-line woman" and it's really nice! they did a
    > great job with a classic track without making it too
    > housey or screwing with it too much. i think they
    > added just the right bits--any other opinions?
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