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From: John Book (
Date: Sat Mar 09 2002 - 09:04:06 CET

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    --- Rochelle Mahon <> wrote:
    Haven't read the whole thing yet, but
    > what I have read has been
    > good (nice interview with Madlib). Its definitely
    > on the funk/jazz/ crate
    > digger tip, so Big Daddy is the closest comparison
    > rather than SNC. Seek!

    When Andre asked me to do the BRAINFREEZE article, he
    told me he just wanted the entire thing to look and
    read like it was quality work. The first issue had
    been done for awhile, but delays happened in the
    printing itself. Dusty Groove has sold out of their
    supply many times over, so it must be doing good for

    -John Book

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