We need a movement via music now....

From: Christina Long (christina@softartstudios.com)
Date: Sun Mar 10 2002 - 16:25:03 CET

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    Yesterday a close friend and I spoke in depth of the war, the world's
    happenings and all the recent news that surrounds it.
    Last night I could not sleep.I played FSOL's song Translation (original
    version) I bet 6 times.tears falling as I felt helpless to all of this.
    But this song has the underlining power of hope which emerges from it's
    Its' time for the music industry to come together and start a new peace
    movement now.
    We are willing to donate web space, a song or two and an Ecoutent
    event..even some records (when they get here)
    Where do we begin?
    Anyone have any ideas on how to pull us all together. Radio host? Record
    labels? Artists? DJ's? Magazines? The more folks the stronger we can
    make this.
    We need a movement now.
    Is there already something started that we can join in on?
    Or am I looking through rose colored glasses?
    Helpless but not losing faith,
    Christina Long

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