Peace & Music

From: John C. Tripp (
Date: Sun Mar 10 2002 - 15:03:09 CET

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    Six months after 9-11...It's so easy to be cynical about the events of the
    past six months or to just drop out from caring. But these are just acts of
    desparation and despair. It's so much more difficult to care and to do

    I believe there is a place for "peace activism" within our universe of
    music. After all, it has united everyone here and it unites people of all
    types around the world. The act of enjoying music as a diverse group is in
    itself a powerful statement of its universality. Taken a step further it can
    be an agent for change.

    So, why not make the dancefloor a place for peace?

    How about a "movement for peace"? This could be something like "Red Hot &
    Blue", but in this case the beneficiary would be peace organizations. As
    corny as it sounds it could be called something like "Give Peace a Dance" or
    "Beats for Peace" or something like that (any ideas?). It could be a
    non-hierarchal organization and could encompass everything from benefit
    events to CDs to merchandise.

    This is just something that came to me, and I'll let the idea circulate. If
    anyone wants to pick up on this, go for it.

    The other action anyone can take is to simply right their representatives or
    a local newspaper. Let people know that the world needs peace, not war. So
    simple, yet so empowering. What's stopping you?

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