Modaji Tour <April 2002>

From: Jason Sugars (
Date: Mon Mar 11 2002 - 06:21:09 CET

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    Hello again,

    I will be booking shows for MODAJI for the first half of April!
    I want to get all my ducks in a headlock early in the game for him.
    If you are at all interested, please be in touch ASAP and let me know so
    that we can work out something way nice and well in advance.

    Hit me with your proposed night, the venue, your phone contact and your
    proposed budget. Remember, your cost will include the fee only! There will
    also be a hotel room and flight share that will have to fit into your

    For more info or for info on other artists coming soon, reply to the e-mail
    with all the good info I may need - CITY - DATE - VENUE - BUDGET - CONTACT
    INFO and so on. I will get back in touch with you!!

    Thanks again and please be in touch,

    Be well,

    Jason Sugars - CDR/w


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