March: Mind Painting

From: Steven Yang (
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 17:23:36 CET

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    My friends!

    March in Guangzhou is “Tanto Tempo”. You never know what the weather looks like tomorrow, it’s fuzzy and with no traits at all as the cold and warm fronts interact quite actively over the southern china sky.

    Thank god we still have the music for inner cooling, the new arrival of tracks on Radio [ T a k e 1 0 ] will bring in more space for unconscious “mindspring”, amongst them, Koop's Jellyfishes release rays of sunshine piercing through deep blue water, casting variegated shadow on those glowing jellyfishes, makes you wanna swim like a jellyfish, makes it a perfect soundtrack of your aqua-dream; and the new discovery of space night compilation, these guys have a tasteful selection of electronica, if you can grab a space night series on video it will be fantastic to watch spectacular space scene with these fine electronic sounds! Free up you mind for a while, lift off, have some free float in the late night and get some slow mo, now you are the master of your own pace and space with the guidance of music.

    Just get online, put on your earphone, tune in to the radio, and start your own mind painting.
    Radio [ T a k e 1 0 ] – Prophetic Jazz

    New tracks highlights:
    Country - Artist - Track - Album
    US/UK - Innerzone Orchestra - Bug in the Bassbin (Pershay mix) - 12"
    US - Vanessa Daou - Trane Tripping - Dear John Coltrane
    Germany - Fresh Moods - I Feel - The Chillout Album vol.2
    Sweden - Koop - Jellyfishes - Sons of Koop
    Finland - Freestyle Man - Que Domingo Inquieto - Going South
    Belgium - Buscemi - Midnight Session - 12"
    The Netherlands - Alex Cortiz - Room 505 - Hi-Fi Dub Sessions Chapter 1
    Japan/UK - Cowboy Bebop - Space Lion (4hero Remix) - Music for Freelance
    ? - Diffusion - Second Future - Om Lounge 6
    Austria - Darcosan & Alexdrum - Funk on Pot - A Family Affair
    UK - Herbert - The Last Beat (Twisted Dub Version) - GP WorldWide
    Germany - Jaffa - Interlude - Elevator
    UK - Workshy - In This Neighborhood - The Golden Mile
    UK - Journeyman - Biscuits - The Art of Zen Relaxation
    Japan - Shinju Gumi - Fade to Black (Fade to White mix) - Mixing a Ghost
    UK - Full Moon Fashions - Always Feed the Fish - Space Night V
    US - Prefuse 73 - Afternoon Love-In - Vocal Studies & Uprock Narrati
    UK/Denmark - Classen Collective feat. Corin - New Born - Brazilectro Session 3
    UK / The Netherlands - Bonobo - The Plug (Quantic mix) - 12"
    Brazil - Azymuth - Last Summer in Rio - Last Summer in Rio
    Japan - Organ Language - Calm Before Calm - Organ Language

    Share with me the images in your mind and let’s get connected.
    Steven (take10)


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