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Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 20:03:18 CET

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    hey all,

    Personally, I'm head over ears for "Mwele, Mwela," featuring Valerie and Rob.
    The production is incredible, and ever changing movements unpredictably
    beautiful. It feels like an anthem in the making, or maybe that's just where
    I'm at. Gorgeous, as is almost all of the album. Well worth the wait and sure
    to solidify Jazzanova's reputation. Their sense of musicality and really
    detailed approach to production, while keeping it heavily emotional at the
    same time, is like few others in this global 'scene.' Not to mention, they're
    a really sweet bunch of guys who work collectively and support lots of other
    producers, musicians and DJ's in their work. More power to them!

    And Chris, to answer your question, you're right, the album is out at the
    very end of April. Many of us on this list have advance copies because we're
    also writers or DJ's who will do articles, radio specials etc. to get
    'advance buzz' happening. If it makes you feel any better ;-), we don't have
    the finished version, which will have a number of interludes and bits as
    well. Also, the finished artwork and packaging will be STUNNING. I was lucky
    enough to see a proof/model of it when interviewing three of the guys a
    couple of weeks ago, and wow! Not gonna describe in order to leave room for
    surprises, but will say that they've gone to great lengths for this one.
    Hopefully that'll also encourage people to actually BUY the CD rather than
    just download off the 'net.


    Christopher Grass wrote:

    > >Been listening to the new Jazzanova LP. What does everybody
    > >think?
    > Well, I'm just wondering where you got your copy. It's not supposed to be
    > released until the end of April (according to Perhaps you
    > could be persuaded to "share the wealth", so we could, um, give you our
    > opinions of the album. Yeah, that's it.....oh, here's some tracklist info
    > from the Compost site:
    > 01 L.O.V.E. and You & I - vibes by david friedmann, bass by paul kleber
    > 02 No Use - vocals by clara hill
    > 03 The One-Tet - vocals by capital A
    > 04 Fade Out
    > 05 Hanazono - piano by hajime yoshizawa
    > 06 Mwela, Mwela (Here I Am) - vocals by valerie etienne and rob gallagher
    > 07 Keep Falling - vocals by ursula rucker and hawkeye phanatic
    > 08 Cyclic
    > 09 Another New Day
    > 10 Place In Between
    > 11 Soon - vocals by vikter duplaix
    > 12 Dance The Dance - vocals by doug hammond
    > 13 Sub-Atlantic
    > 14 Glow And Glare
    > 15 E-Ovation
    > 16 Take You Back - Unexpected Dub vocals by desney bailey
    > 17 Wasted Time - vocals by vikter duplaix

    -denise benson-

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