Re: Original Pirate Material

From: Velanche Stewart (
Date: Fri Mar 15 2002 - 03:47:51 CET

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    You're right on the money in terms of the inspiration for the name. Pick
    up "The Stanton Sessions" and the liner notes will state this. It makes
    great listening.

    Too bad I won't be able to catch them live in L.A. A good time to be
    have, I hope, by those who are able to see them here stateside.


    Tom Giles wrote:
    > I have noticed a few manhole covers with Stanton Warrior here
    > (UK). I did think that they might have seen one and thought that it
    > would be a great name, given that what being a Stanton Warrior
    > means in terms of djing!
    > On 14 Mar 2002, at 18:16, adario wrote:
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    > Subject: RE: Original Pirate Material
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    > > that's a great description! it definitely detracts from the mix. on
    > > first listen, i thought it was an acapella train wreck.
    > >
    > > speaking of the stanton sessions, i just read a review at cdnow that
    > > claims that they got the name from "the largest manhole cover company
    > > in England". mm, ok. nothing to do with the cartridges then?
    > >
    > > a dario

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