Re: Original Pirate Material

Date: Fri Mar 15 2002 - 23:36:12 CET

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    Well, i don't know if this is smart considering the unanimous pan The Streets have received thus far, but I gotta say I absolutely can not wait to hear more by mr skinner. of course, his voice is annoying and his sense of staying on the beat is non-existent.... but i respect that for some reason. he has a completely different sound. his "lyrical" style is just like a friend sitting down conversating in your ear about his issues living in the UK streets - all over some fresh beats of all variety. i've heard nutter hip-hop (geezers), and real hip-hop influenced jazzy garage (has it come to this) and house (don't know the title - from gilles). Living in the States, I can't be authoritative about his point of view and veracity of his lyrics but it sounds convincing, engaging and right on to me.

    i think its facinating that "has it come" has become such a huge song in the UK given its sort of anti-club orientation. i think its a testament to the sort of average person feeling about it. you can't front on the beat either - if so, try the zinc or jameson mix.

    i gotta hear more, but i like this because its real, something that i could see myself making.


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