desperately seeking song ids / lewis taylor / joi

From: De Angela Duff (
Date: Fri Mar 15 2002 - 22:38:36 CET

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    I'm still playing vikter duplaix's betalounge set like crazy.
    I bought the dj kicks cd, but I keep listening to the betalounge set instead.
    ( (12/08/01) )

    I still don't know some of the songs and it is driving me crazy.
    The songs I'm asking for are actually from the other two djs that
    come on before him to give them credit.

    what is the song/ who is the vocalist/ and is it available on a cd
    (especially a compilation)

    SONG ONE (i definitely want to know this one):
    around 2nd hour: 24 minutes into it
    (male vocals; "housy" with horns)

    I fly. I fly. I fly (way high)

    I soar above the universe. I fly.
    (can't figure out this line)
    Way above the universe. I fly.

    open up your eyes and you'll be free.
    it only come to those who will believe.

    39 minutes into it (male vocals; midtempo)

    you are gone.
    i'm so all alone.
    here's what's left of our happy home.
    she'll be back that's what I say as I stare at the ceiling

    cause I need you baby. oh how I miss you.

    SONG THREE: (mostly instrumental with a male talking on top)
    around 1 hr and 26 minutes into it.

    Thanks so much for any help with these songs ids.

    I just heard Lewis Taylor's version of "electric ladyland" this week
    that is only on the japanese version of Lewis II. (now, i have to buy
    the japanese version for this one song; it's worth it for me) A
    really great cover. It retains the flavor of the original, but
    definitely with a lewis twist. I usually hate covers, especially of
    artists that I absolutely think should not be covered (ie. jimi and
    marvin gaye). Now, I'm back on a big "lewis II" kick. I can't stop
    playing this again, so it forced me to go back to vikter's set to
    break the repetitive play.

    Also, if you're into the atl scene (outkast/organized noize/dungeon
    family etc. etc.), check out joi's star kiddie's revenge. She's based
    out of atlanta; she's married to big gipp of the goodie mob. She's an
    underground singer (that's been struggling for years) in the vein of
    betty davis when she performs live. She's been known to perform in
    just pasties, bikini bottoms, and boots. Some of her songs can be
    sexually explicitly. For instance, one of her songs on this album is
    called "lick." This new album has electronic fringes (one song in
    particular uses an interpolated melody of that 80s song "ride the
    white horse"). Despite the stage antics, she is a fantastic vocalist.


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