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Date: Fri Mar 15 2002 - 08:38:27 CET

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    At 08:45 PM 3/14/02 -0500, Pedro Cevallos wrote:
    >It looks like I'm in the market for some CD players with pitch control.
    >Even though I'm a vinyl junkie, I'm planning to move and cannot take my
    >tables with me at first. So, in order to satisfy my need to spin I'm
    >going to have to try out CD players for a little while. I really like
    >Pioneer and Denon.

    Check out the Numark Axis8. They're coming out with a turntable control
    interface for it, so you can control your CDs with a real turntable. You
    can also update the Axis8's features by downloading the updates from their
    website, burning it to a CD-R and loading the CD-R into the player. You can
    also pick up a pair of Axis8s for the price of one Pioneer CDJ-1000.

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