Re: OT: CD players with pitch control

From: Pedro Cevallos (
Date: Fri Mar 15 2002 - 11:07:56 CET

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    >The Pioneer CDJ-100 is a great unit:

    It seems that most people agree that this is the unit to go with. I keep
    pricing them all over the internet but I can't seem to get them under $300.
    This is still a little pricey for me because I'm not completely switching
    from vinyl to CDs. In essence I need some CD players with pitch control
    that I can spin on for the next 4 months until I can move all my vinyl and
    turntables. Can anybody suggest what Denon model might work best for me?
    I'm looking for dual CD player unit with pitch control. As always, all
    leads are appreciated...

    Pedro Cevallos

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