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Date: Wed Mar 20 2002 - 18:51:29 CET

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    Crate Soul Brothers newsletter #80: A tiny fraction of the global supply

    Newsflash 20. 03. 2002

    Dear friends,

    Last week was full of fun: first me Keyser played on the fine Gelee Royal night at the Porgy & Bess in Vienna. Although quite few people came down, I really enjoyed spinning some records after the jam session of Alexdrum and his friends. Big up to Alex, Isabelle and Clemens for inviting me and also for those who came down that evening. It's getting kind of boring to say thanks in every newsletters, but another shout goes out to Tomster W. and Kami for their care and record supply. Before all I visited the "smallbig" Klein boys' office in the afternoon to share some music with each other. Two days later the same guys, Christian and Rainer were invited by the Deep record shop's club night to Budapest to show the cream of Vienna's downtempo grooves. I am sure those clever ones who came down had an unforgettable night. On Friday me and the cuki Alan Brown travelled to Debrecen, east of Hungary, where 250 people waited us at Klinika Mozi to dance to the deep sounds all night long. Respect! Pusi and Ani, I just sa
    y: thank you!

    Lots of new music in this week's radio mix, just to name a few highlights: the spendid yet powerful dZihan & Kamien remix of Billie Holliday, the "Brazilian" Eddy + Dus remix of Les Gammas, the jazz hip hop of Defcon5 and Shuriken's favourite tune from Arkestra One's wonderful album (soon out on Cosmic Sounds). A perfect compilation from Crippled Dick Hot Wax! (their best release so far): Norway's Karin Krog delivers the highest level vocal jazz from outer space... Reissues from Comet: Randy Weston's afro jazz... Listen with care!

    This week's reading is a short part of an interesting article on the future of music. Who knows what the future brings? At least people will always need selectors:

    "The quality least plentiful in a world of rampant free copies is attention. Each year more than 30,000 new music titles are released (or re-released) into a very cluttered head space of new movies, new TV shows, new books, new games, new Web sites. No matter what your musical appetite, there are not enough hours in a lifetime to listen to but a tiny fraction of the global supply. People will pay simply to have someone edit the music and recommend and present selected material to them in an easy and fun manner. That is why producers, labels and the related ecology of reviewers, catalogers and guides will continue to make a living: they counter our natural lack of attention for the 10 million albums we can expect to see in another 50 years. In the end, an awful lot of music will be sold in the territory of the free because it will be easier to buy music you really like than to find it for free."

    Where Music Will Be Coming From By KEVIN KELLY

    Keep on listening to another tiny fraction of the global supply of music till next week!

    Keyser (Crate Soul Brothers)

    Tilos Radio (
    Kristalykert (Crystal Garden - 23.30-02h 19. 03. 2002) - DJs: Keyser, Leengum, Gonnok

    Listen (archived till the next show):

    1. Oneness of Juju - West Wind (Strut)
    2. Jimpster - Maiden Voyage (Freerange)
    3. Karin Krog - I'll Wait For You (Crippled Dick Hot Wax!)
    4. G-Litter - Easy Comes, Easy Go (Spectrumworks)
    5. Kenny Rankin - Eartheart (Little David)
    6. Handsome Boy Modelling School - The Truth (BBE)
    7. Billie Holliday - Don't Explain - dZihan & Kamien remix (Verve)
    8. Contemplation - Futuristic Island - Apl (Electromatrix)
    9. United Future Organisation - Suite Espagnole (Avex)
    10. DJ Marky - DJ Patife - Esom feat. Fernanda Porto - So tinha que ser com voce - Cosmonautics mix (Movement)
    11. Les Gammas - Outra Vida - Eddy + Dus Kontrapunkt remix (Compost)
    12. Micatone - Traces (Sonar Kollektiv)
    13. 4Hero - Time (Talkin Loud)
    14. Koop - Bright Nights (JCR)
    15. Mitchell & Dewbury - Spaces & Places (Climate)
    16. Defcon5 & Blue - Goodbye (Moving)
    17. Briskey - Lovelier Without Make-up (Downsall)
    18. Su-Paka-Pooh - Theme de Yo Yo (Flower)
    19. D'Angelo - Da Joint (bootleg)
    20. Joseph Malik - Futuristica (Compost)
    21. Cai Bojsen - Silver n' Jazz (Out of the Loop)
    22. Randy Weston - African Cookbook (Comet)
    23. A. K. Salim - Pepo za sarari (Prestige)
    24. Arkestra One - Man from the Audience (Cosmic Sounds)
    25. Bill & Ben - 8 Hand Version (Eye Q)
    26. Badmarsh & Shri - Signs (Ocho)
    27. Quantic - Snakes In The Grass (Jon Kennedy mix) Tru Thoughts)
    28. Nibs and Nabs - The Wrestler (Mute)
    29. Koop - In a Heartbeat (JCR)

    Next events:

    22. March Budapest, Rigoletto: CRATE SOUL PRESSURE - The 1st Round /Russ Dewbury (Brighton, UK) + Keyser, Erik Sumo, Badihali & Sanyi
    23. March Budapest, Club Fotel /Keyser with dj Arab
    12. April Budapest, Rigoletto: CRATE SOUL PRESSURE - Keyser b-day bash /Florian Keller (München, D) + Keyser, Erik Sumo
    27. April Budapest /Richard Dorfmeister + Palotai, Keyser & Shuriken
    9. May Budapest, Club Fotel: Bomb The Jazz /Keyser with Zagar on keyboards; Suhaid

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